Dear Autumn @ 14 months

Autumn 14 months

January 2014

Dear Autumn-

You are the best Loverbugs of all the Loverbugs there ever were.

Yep, you currently have 4 nicknames… Chicken, Chicken Nugget, Doops, and Loverbug. But hey that could change in a month and you might have 6. They just work.

You so want to walk and want the independence but need our help still so you are dependent on grasping onto our fingers for support. I guess that will be like anything in life until you learn how to do it. But the most important part is that we will always be here to catch you when you fall.

Your love for Owl is the best. You greet him (let’s say it’s a him) with the fiercest hugs and squeezes every night. Most often, you grip owl with yout right arm and then tuck him under your body as your brace pops your teeny tiny tushy up in the air as you plop on your stomach when we put you in your crib at night. And in the morning we tuck him in under a blanket to be cozy all day before we head downstairs. Your affection for him is the best.

You are so kind to Owl but rather rough to Kemper. That dog loves you so much so he puts up with your wacks without so much as a blink. He will just get up when he has had enough of you poking or pulling on him. But, please do try to tone down the hitting of him in the face because being ‘gentle!!!!!’ is the nicest.

You are still so very tiny but full of might. You let us know when you are having a blast with something or quite aggravated by your loud squeals of delight or yells of frustration. I see my short temper in you so at least I can relate quite well when you are struggling to figure something out or fit something in somewhere. Don’t worry, you’ll get it. Or at least break it. Ha!

We will be switching you to milk this upcoming month. I’m proud that I’ve pumped for you all this time but I feel that I need my body back soon. I’ve done my best to provide for you all this time and I think it has worked out well. My initial goal was for a year so I’m happy to have extended past that to bring you to about 15 months.

There will always been changes that we will figure out as we go along, just remember that this is all new to us too and that we love you. Now will you still hitting Kemper in the face. I’m serious!



PS. You were NOT happy to take this month’s photos. ha!!

Autumn 14 months-1

Autumn 14 months-3 Autumn 14 months-4

Autumn 14 months-2


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