Whole30: Days 16-18 Recap

I am documenting my Whole 30 journey to help me see how far I’ve come and to keep me inspired through the whole process. I’m looking forward to the transformation in how I approach food, cook with it, and enjoy it. Read why taking on this challenging dietary adventure is so important to me HERE.


{Day 16}

Tuesday, February 17th

I worked from home today as I had a mid day site meeting for a project. It is just more efficent to work form home in the mronign and go directly there and backhome as I would be spending a lot of extra time driving to go to work, plus parking there is crzy $, regardless of being reimbursed. So it was a nice morning at home. I decided to try eating out at lunch as it was lunch time while I was at my meeting and I didn’t feel like getting home and then starting on making lunch. I got Chipotle… meh. At least Dinner was awesome.


150227_Whole30 16-18_1

Waffled hashrown (leftover from my Waffled Breakfast Egg Sandwiches), 2 over easy eggs, breakfast sausage, blueberries, and some guac (Wholy Guacamole)

This was awesome. I liked the mix of the savory potato with the egg, spicy sausage, and sweet fruit. Plus, guac always wins!


150227_Whole30 16-18_2

Chipotle Salad with Pork Carnitas and Fresh Tomato Salso, Tomatillo- Red Chili Salsa, and guac.

I always get salads at Chipotle, but I get them with Barbacoa, lettuce, Fresh Tomato Salso, Tomatillo- Red Chili Salsa, cheese, sour cream. Sometimes guac. Always, no dressing. The Barbacoa is just the best! Sadly, it’s not allowed while doing Whole30 because of the ingrednets used: Beef , Water, Chipotle Chile, Rice Bran Oil, Cumin, Garlic, Oregano, Black Pepper, Salt, Cloves, Bay Leaf, Sunflower Oil. Damn you Rice Bran Oil and Sunflower Oil. DAMN YOU!

I thought that the carnitas had little taste. And I missed the sour cream. It was tolerable but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get Chipotle while doing Whole30 again, esp for $10!


150227_Whole30 16-18_3

Sauteed chicken breasts with roasted broccoli and cherry tomatoes. Served with a Tahini based sauce.

This was the first time I used Tahini. I freaking love it. I’m looking forwrd to making dinners like this again.

I do know that you should limit sunflower seeds, and related products, but I’m happy to have used it anyway to change things up from the typical mustard or mayo. Plus, now I can make my own version of Annie’s Goddess Dressing… the best dressing (besides Hidden Valley Ranch) ever.

{Day 17}

Wednesday, February 18th

Back to work. Back to the normal routine. I keep saying to price how I will be glad when we can eat breakfast at work again. I enjoy that so much more than eating at home. It saves money but I can’t wait for the option to be able to easily grab something on the way into work.


150227_Whole30 16-18_4

Hash made with potato and kale, fried egg.

I seriously question if I could do Whole30 without Frank’s Red Hot sauce. I really do put that shit on everything.


150227_Whole30 16-18_5

Leftover chicken with leftover roasted broccoli and tomatoes

A reapeat from the night before but still really good.

Unfortuantely, I didn’t cook some of the chicken enough the night prior (Autumn was haivng a rough night getting settled, so I was distracted) so I only ate 2 of the 3 pieces I brought.


150227_Whole30 16-18_6

Bunless burgers, coleslaw (made with homemade mayo), avocado, Claussen pickle halves

I made mayo!!!!!!!!! It was so much fun and easy too. I didn’t have mustard powder so I just put a squeeze of mustard in but I’m going to buy some now. I love Hellman’s mayo but I definitely see myself making mayo again and again.

It felt good to make the mayo and then the coleslaw as it felt ‘normal’. Like I could do Whole30 in the summer with salads, grilled veggies, sausages, grilled chicken and steak, and coleslaw. It felt good to have some ‘normalcy’.

{Day 18}

Thursday, February 19th

I feel run down but Autumn is starting to get sick. I have been knocked out with her sickies in the past so I’m curious if I get just the sniffles or a whoop you on your butt cold.

I had to work really late today so I had to properly plan for it so I would have food for myself for dinner so I wouldn’t have to go to Chipotle again. No thanks!


150227_Whole30 16-18_7

Cruistless quiche made with kale and mushrooms, Kiwi

I put WAY TOO MUCH tobasco Sauce on it.


150227_Whole30 16-18_8

Salad with Sauteed Chicken. Made with romaine, grape tomatoes, carrots, broccoli

Really good but I could have eaten more. I need more chicken next time. I need to also make Annie’s Goodress Dressing too!


150227_Whole30 16-18_9

Cacao Macadamia Budi Bar with some On Guard Beadlets (DoTerra)

Okay, so the beadlets aren’t a snack (ha!) but I took them with the budi bar as I was super hungry after lunch. The salad just wasn’t enough. Glad to have had this on hand. They are so good!!


150227_Whole30 16-18_10

Bunless burger, coleslaw (made with homemade mayo), roasted veggies and pears.

I had to work really late (11.30) so I ate this at work. I had made the burger in the morning so I would just have to reheat it at work. The roasted vegies and pears were leftovers from a wine and cheese event held at work, that I didn’t attend.


 A good few days. But so happy that I am halfway through. Happy there is an end in sight and that I’ve gotten this far without any slip ups or horrible throughts about wine, buttery mashed potatoes, grilled cheese, or ice cream sandwiches. Actutally, that last part is a lie… But I’m happy to have stuck to my guns have have followed the Whole30 rules.

Unlike Price…

He has stuck with the diet 100% but cheater cheater weighed himself on Day 16! how dare he!!! At least he is super happy with all the work he has put into sticking with Whole30 as he has lost 8 pounds in 16 days. That’s awesome. But cheater cheater!!!


3 thoughts on “Whole30: Days 16-18 Recap

  1. amanda says:

    Daaaaaang, 8 pounds in 16 days?! Maybe I DO need to try this. I loooove Tahini – I use it to make the sunshine sauce from Well Fed sometimes and it’s so good.


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