Whole30: Days 22-24 Recap

I am documenting my Whole 30 journey to help me see how far I’ve come and to keep me inspired through the whole process. I’m looking forward to the transformation in how I approach food, cook with it, and enjoy it. Read why taking on this challenging dietary adventure is so important to me HERE.


{Day 22}

Monday, February 23rd

This is really feeling like routine now. I miss things like toast with eggs and chip with salsa or guacamole but I generally like the change.


150305_Whole30 Days 22-24_01

2 eggs, leftover potato hash, bacon, and 1/2 avocado

It was a really generous breakfast but I always seem to need a bigger breakfast on Mondays to kick start the week.


150305_Whole30 Days 22-24_02 150305_Whole30 Days 22-24_03

Chicken soup with a Cashew Cookie Lara Bar

I feel like I should have used eaten more soup or stews because they are so good.  I still miss rice or pastina in chicken soup though. Since it felt pretty ‘light’ I also grabbed a Lara Bar from my stash in at my desk.


150305_Whole30 Days 22-24_04 150305_Whole30 Days 22-24_05

Aidell’s Chicken and Apple Sausage with a mix of sauteed peppers and mustard

I was feeling rather lazy so it was all just thrown together. The mustard really made it work though.


150305_Whole30 Days 22-24_06

1/2 Banana with Almond Butter

Super hungry around 8.30 so we shared a banana with some almond butter. Not ideal to do but pacing around the kitchen so something had to be done.

{Day 23}

Tuesday, February 24th

 I worked from home so that I could go to a meeting… that I ended up missing. UGH!


150305_Whole30 Days 22-24_07

A mixed veggie egg scramble with some guac and our homemade bacon

Not much to say… it was good!


150305_Whole30 Days 22-24_08

Salad with romaine, radishes, tomatoes, prosciutto, hard-boiled egg white

I made a big mess of a salad. I’m getting used to having salads without cheese but I still do miss it at times. Like this could have used feta.


150305_Whole30 Days 22-24_09

Chicken with roasted string beans and tomatoes with baked potato, served with ghee

I could easily eat meals like this all the time. Although having some sour cream on the baked potato wouldn’t hurt. ha!

{Day 24}

Wednesday, February 25th

Back to work. Less than a week to go. I’m so happy that we have decided to take this journey together. It has been a struggle but it’s been good to have support with each other.


150305_Whole30 Days 22-24_11

A banana and a Cherry Pie Lara Bar

It was a hectic morning so I just didn’t get enough time to make us breakfast. I grabbed a banana to bring to work, which I had with a Lara Bar.


150305_Whole30 Days 22-24_12 150305_Whole30 Days 22-24_13

Chicken Soup with some salad (mixed greens with avocado & prosciutto)

Since I was still hungry after having soup for lunch on Monday I decided to have some salad with it instead of having a Lara Bar, as I was having one with breakfast. Smart- as it felt like a complete meal. Soup and Salad is a good combo.


150305_Whole30 Days 22-24_14

Butternut squash noodles with marina sauce

I got to get a mani, pedi so Price prepped dinner by peeling and spiralizing the squash. It was nice to have the mani, pedi but to also have the help in the kitchen. I sent Price the link to Ali’s how-to so he would have some help with it. And ta-da it was all done when I got home! So I just tossed in some olive oil, salt, and pepper and under the broiler it went.

150305_Whole30 Days 22-24_15


One thing that I have been struggling with is staying hydrated. I don’t really understand why as it’s not like I used to drink much soda and now I’m adjusting to life without soda. It’s just one of those things I’ve noticed. I think I should get some more seltzer so do a better job for the remaining portion of this Whole30 as I really like seltzer and sparkling water.


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