Whole30: Days 25-27 Recap

I am documenting my Whole 30 journey to help me see how far I’ve come and to keep me inspired through the whole process. I’m looking forward to the transformation in how I approach food, cook with it, and enjoy it. Read why taking on this challenging dietary adventure is so important to me HERE.


{Day 25}

Thursday, February 26th

People are commenting on all the weight I have been losing. I am happy it’s noticable and I feel better about it as it’s been a signifcant amount – about 55+ pounds. I am looking forward to weighing myself when Whole30 is done with to see what I lost in this month.

I see a big change in Price as well. It’s nice that the work involved with sticking to Whole30 is paying off. Of course, it’s more than just losing weight but it is a big factor for us.


150507_Whole30_Days 25-27_01

Chia Pudding (made with complaint cashew milk) with blueberries and chopped pecans

I’ve missed variety in breakfast, like having oatmeal or a quinoa bowl, so this helps change things up from eggs, eggs, eggs. But it doesn’t get cold, like I run the risk of eggs getting cold if the morning or crazy. Also, its nice to have it all prepped out in the morning as making eggs can be a pain in my ass.


150507_Whole30_Days 25-27_02

Salad made with romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers topped off with prosciutto, EVOO & vinegar based dressing

It was simple and got the job done.


150507_Whole30_Days 25-27_03

A baked seet potato (actually made in the microwave) topped off with pulled pork carnitas, diced avocado, and some garlicly mayo

Price didn’t eat all of his. I ate all of mine. I felt fat…

{Day 26}

Friday, February 27th

Today started off well but ended poorly. We got a BIG HUGE bill from the stupid nutrionist that we had to take Autumn to (per her Dr’s suggestion & referal). The one we didn’t even want to take her to because we aren’t worried about her low weight has she eats well and eats healthy foods, but we took her anyway and got a big bill for like $860. WTF.  I called insurance to check it and found out we would be getting another for about $150 or so related to the appointment. I wanted to light the hospital on fire and punch them in the face as they ran out.  At that moment I was glad we were doing Whole30, or I would have split a bottle of wine with Price and bitched and bitched about the bill.


150507_Whole30_Days 25-27_04

A scramble made of eggs and potato hash

It was boring. I wanted a bagel.


150507_Whole30_Days 25-27_05 150507_Whole30_Days 25-27_06

Salad with pulled pork carnitas & an avocado, then I had a Lara Bar

The salad was on the light side. I did eat most of it before taking a picture, but it was still a pretty small salad. And salad is a stretch as it was just some romaine for the pulled pork. Like the day before, it got the job done.


150507_Whole30_Days 25-27_07

Aidell’s Chicken sausage with broccoli

I’d say this was similar to a stir fry but I’d have to say that I miss having a rice or quino base to it, mostly quinoa. It was good but boring as it was basically just sausage and brocolli, but it was friday night and I was feeling lazy about cooking. Normally I’d have just ordered pizza. Umm, pizza…

{Day 27}

Saturday, February 28th

The biggest change in things is our weekend breakfasts and my approach to snack food. I’d previously make something like pancakes or waffles or go out to get a bagel or donuts. I miss all of that but it’s nice that the breakfasts don’t feel so heavy. I’m happiest that my snacking has been eliminated. Esp, when we are out, like I’d happily eat a sample at Costco, but now I can’t/won’t and that definitely helps out with calorie cutting.


150507_Whole30_Days 25-27_10

2 over easy eggs over a hash made of potato, Aidell’s sausage, and tomatoes

I used the extra sausage link I had from the night before and added it to a diced potato and I then threw in some grape tomatoes too. I love blistered tomatoes- so freaking good. The eggs were nice and runny.


150507_Whole30_Days 25-27_11

Apple with some Almond Butter

I wasn’t really hungry from a big breakfast and just being busy meant that I’d eat lunch at 3.30, and I knew we’d be having a great dinner so I didn’t want to ruin my appetite for it.


150507_Whole30_Days 25-27_14

Mayo Crusted Roasted Chicken with accompanying roasted veggies (carrots, potatoes, onions) and string beans

I need to roast chickens more often in general, but this Mayo Crusted Roasted Chicken is awesome. I’m thinking of changing up some of the spices next time just to have some fun with it, but it’s a great base recipe to work with.

150507_Whole30_Days 25-27_12 150507_Whole30_Days 25-27_13


We’re in the home stretch!!!! It’s exciting to be so close to the end. Truthfully, part of me wants to continue but part of me is really glad for it to come to a close as it has been so limiting and I need some variety in things. Granted the cooking is fairly simple as it’s what I hae time for. Plus, I want a god damn cookie! Plus, I want to actually enjoy going to Seattle and doing Whole30 while out there would make things boo-hoo boring.

I haven’t felt any big changes- no extra energy, no decreased joint paint, no less aches- but I didn’t have anything that was greatly effecting me, like other people who have stuff like arthritis or eczema. No tiger blood for me,but I didn’t have a big fog in the start either. I’m still tired, but I think that is my nature and I just need more sleep. Clone me and I think I will start to feel better. ha!


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