Dear Autumn @ 18 months

Dear Autumn @ 18 months-4

May 2015

Dear Autumn,

It’s always amazing to me how much you develop every month. The big thing this month was how much better you have gotten at walking and talking.

You are walking more than crawling. In fact crawling is getting rarer every day. I swear you will be running soon. Well, you try, but it’s pretty wobbly and you fall. There are times when a slip is quite a dramatic event and there are other times when I think you will wail and you just pop right back up again.

You are talking up a storm now, and it’s just the beginning! Of course you say “Dada” and “Mama” to demand our attention, but there is so much more! You can say “Hola” and “Owl” really clearly. I love it. Water is “WaWa”. “Banana” and “Down” are really clear too. You’ve yelled at Kemper to “Stop”. But I think your favorite word is “MINE!” Oh dear, everything is yours, apparently. ha!  And you think every dog is “Max” from your teacher’s dog’s name. So every time you hear a dog on our walk you yell “Max!” So cute!

Now that the weather is nice again, we have been taking daily walks. We either go right after I get you from daycare or after dinner. You help by pulling the hiking back carrier when I tell you to “Get the Backpack!”. We gear up and go on a walk with Kemper. You love to touch the trees and bushes as we walk by them. I tickle your legs and you try to tickle me back by hitting my arms and side.

We celebrated my 2nd Mother’s Day by going to the Make Way for Ducklings Parade in Boston. I really wanted to go last year but we kept it low key as juggling everything with trying to get you to nap and my pumping schedule felt too overwhelming to enjoy the day. And it was for the better as we really enjoyed the day and the parade. There were activities that you enjoyed playing it and you did a good job marching along the route in your cute little yellow tutu. Oh that tutu is the best! I am so thankful we had such a wonderful day together.

One of my favorite little moments this month was when I got you to give me some deep belly laughs all because of a balloon! We had been shopping at the dollar store and you were getting bored so I tied 2 balloons on your wrist. You just thought they were so cool!! When we were back home I took one and pretended it was wildly blowing away in the house. I hung on to it for dear life and ran around the house going “whoa!!”. You thought it was hilarious. So awesome.

This upcoming month is really special!! Mommy and Daddy are getting married!!! You have the cutest yellow dress that I can’t wait to see you wear. And, thankfully, your hair is long enough for little pig tails. I have been looking forward to this day for along time. I can’t wait for all of us to celebrate such a wonderful family occasion.



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