Scenes from Memorial Day 2015

Memorial Day Boston 2015-1

I live for 3 days weekends. And Memorial Day is a great one. It kicks off the summer season. Plus, it has a great meaning and purpose. Honoring our past and current service members is so very, very important.

We met up with our friends Mark and Allie, along their kids Macari and Micheal, to spend some time together on Boston Common, the Tadpole Payground, and to get some lunch.

Memorial Day Boston 2015-5

Memorial Day Boston 2015-2 Memorial Day Boston 2015-6

Memorial Day Boston 2015-3

There were over 37,000 flags on Boston Common to represent the lives lost my service men and women since the Revolutionary War. It was quite stunning to see. The blanket of flags on Flagstaff Hill that leads up to Soldiers and Sailors Monument was quite beautiful and sad at the same time.

Memorial Day Boston 2015-9

Memorial Day Boston 2015-7 Memorial Day Boston 2015-8

After the kids had enough of wandering around and climbing on Soldiers and Sailors Monument we headed over to the carousel on The Common.

Autumn loved it!!

She enjoyed the ride so much that she refused to let go for a bit. I basically had to pry her off her horse. I imagine we’ll have to go again and again one day. Oh the struggle! ha!

Memorial Day Boston 2015-10

We then ventured over to the Tadpole Playground so the kids could play together and explore the big jungle gym.

Memorial Day Boston 2015-12 Memorial Day Boston 2015-11

Autumn took to Macari quickly and had so much fun going up and down the jungle gym complex. She happily took her hand to go up and down stairs, enjoyed getting carried around, and going down the slides together.

Memorial Day Boston 2015-13 Memorial Day Boston 2015-14

Memorial Day Boston 2015-15 Memorial Day Boston 2015-16

Once everyone had worked up a thorough appetite we headed over to Parish Cafe for lunch. We almost made it through the meal but the kids got antsy and wanted to stretch their legs outside the patio. They ran around the area by the flower planters, along the ramp to the neighboring church, and the sets of stairs to the church and adjacent apartment building.

Memorial Day Boston 2015-17

By the time we parted ways just before 1pm, Autumn was filthy and exhausted. It was a sign of an awesome day.

Memorial Day Boston 2015-4


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