Happy Father’s Day 2015

Father's Day Fenway Park 2015

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads out there!

I hope you enjoyed the day. It’s such a great day for families and dads.

I saw that Fenway Park has an event for Father’s Day so we headed over there to check it out. The plan was to walk on the warning track, but since it was raining, it was not permitted but they had other activities for the kids and dads like guys making balloon animals and caricatures.

Father's Day Fenway Park 2015_03

We’ve been in Boston for all of these World Series wins! 2004! 2007! 2013!

Father's Day Fenway Park 2015_01 Father's Day Fenway Park 2015_02

Autumn was really excited to see Wally and his dad, hence the pointing. However, whenever we approached them her little body would go stiff and I’d feel her legs clench tight around me. The panic would take over. Once we backed up and she was happy again watching them interact with the other Fenway Park visitors.

 Father's Day Fenway Park 2015_04

Oh man, the cutes.

Father's Day Fenway Park 2015_05

After vising Fenway, we went to Rattlesnake Bar and Grille for lunch. It’s one of our favorite places in Boston. The food is just so good, which is why we have been going for years and years. And, let’s not forget that I had a drink featured on their menu too. Woohoo!

While the rain messed up the plans to walk on the warning track, and Autumn was grumpy from her double ear infection, we still had a wonderful time has a family.

Love you Price/Dada!


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