Dear Autumn @ 19 Months

Dear Autumn_19 months_03

June 2015

Dear Autumn,

Every month is such an adventure. This last month is no different.

Not only have we hit some big milestones with your development, we had a big family milestone… Mommy and Daddy got married!!!!

Oh my goodness, you were the cutest little bug at the wedding last weekend. You looked darling in your little yellow dress and pink shoes. You panicked right before Mommy was going to walk down the aisle with Poppy so instead of you walking down on your own, you walked down with us. It was so cute to do it together, even with you yelling ‘ball!!!’ over and over again when you saw the paper lanterns hanging from the arbor. Oh goodness, too funny.

You have such a strong personality, that you express well. You know what you want, and when you want it, which usually is right that very second. ha! You like to be outside, read books, and eat.

It amazes us how much you like to eat, and how much too. You try to climb up the highchair when you are hungry. Such a little monkey! You now say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when prompted, especially when you want whipped cream. You go nuts for it. There was a night when you were not accepting the fact that we ran out. Oh the crying!! At least you enjoyed all the Chinese food at the rehearsal dinner. You ate so much soup, everyone was impressed.

You’re currently getting a tooth and it has made you such a grump! Poor baby, I feel so bad that you are in pain from it. I’m hoping there will be a bit of a break from it after this so you can get comfortable again. At least you were a champ at the dentist earlier this month. The iron supplement you take was staining your teeth so we went to the dentist for your first visit and she was sooooo impressed with how well you did. You sat on my lap quietly while you had your teeth counted and cleaned. You liked the air and the suction too. It was so nice that it wasn’t a scary experience for you, in fact, that you enjoyed it.

I can’t wait for this next month with you. The summer is going to be great!!



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Dear Autumn_19 months_01 Dear Autumn_19 months_02

Dear Autumn_19 months_05

Dear Autumn_19 months_07 Dear Autumn_19 months_08

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