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The best things about our visits to Maine generally are related to just relaxing and being outside.

I can’t get enough of the soft green grasses under my feet when I walk on the lawn. Or when just how quiet it is. I love the peace of it all.

The Hub_2015_10

But the best to me is the smell of the robust salty air.

Every time we arrive and we are driving over the last causeway to get to the house, we open up the windows to take in big gulps of air. It is the best. It means we made it. It means vacation has begun for us.

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There are so many inlets, coves, bays, and watery nooks and crannies to explore. Our favorite place is what is we call ‘The Hub’. It’s an island at high tide and a wonderful place to explore at low tide.

The Hub_2015_13 The Hub_2015_14

Price starts to track the tides before we leave for Maine so we can properly schedule our visit to the tide. It’s fun to stroll around there looking at the tiny hermit crabs, slightly larger crabs, and teeny tiny fish along the shore.

Our main mission is to get mussels that are clinging to rocks, hidden under layers of seaweed. Picked, cooked, and eaten within a few hours. Damn, they taste so good.

The Hub_2015_07

This year we headed over to The Hub in the morning to get the lowest of the low tide. Price was in charge of getting the mussels and I was in charge with Autumn, who loved checking out the water’s edge.

The Hub_2015_11 The Hub_2015_06

So much to explore!

She loved checking out the snails sunning themselves on the rocks and watch the crabs scuttle around while Dad went around back of the island to get our dinner. She climbed on rocks and jumped over puddles. It was fun watching her explore and discover.

The Hub_2015_08

Price found a bunch of sea stars nestled on the side of a rock as the tide lapped just under them. He carefully picked out the largest one to show us. It was just so stunning.

We hung around for it bit enjoying the smells and sights of the Maine coast before we headed back to the house to enjoy the rest of the wonderful day.

The Hub_2015_09


2 thoughts on “The Hub.2015

  1. mom says:

    I’m relaxed just reading and looking at the beautiful pictures
    I’m glad u have this wonderful place to unwind and visit w family


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