Dear Autumn @ 20 Months

Dear Autumn @ 20 Months-1

July 2015

Dear Autumn,

Oh what a month!! It has certainly had it’s up’s and down’s. Thankfully, more great and wonderful moments than he crummy ones.

The month started off poorly for you with your double ear infection. My poor babe! Your high fever just beat you down. It was so rough to see you so sad and miserable. At least you were cuddly to me. You’re so guarded with your affection, like me, that I’ll take what I can get!

And, now, it’s ended on a rough note for us as you have basically taken so many steps back in that you have been protesting going to bed recently. It makes you grumpy, sad, and frustrated, which makes us grumpy, sad, and frustrated. I’m hoping

So while there have been a few rough patches this past month, there have been such wonderful things too!

We went to Maine for a long Fourth of July weekend. It was a blast and you just loved it. We made a point of it to spend as much time as possible outside as you loved it so much. You played in the dirt and tried toddler golf in the yard with Daddy.

Your lanuage skills have really taken off! It always amazes us at how much you are grasping in what we are saying and how you communicate back to us. You are learning English and Spanish beautifully. Generally, you speak in English with us but you have your favorite Spanish words for things, like ‘Milk’ is ‘Leche’ and ‘Tomato’ is ‘Tomate’, which you call ‘mate’. I can’t wait for you to keep learning more and more!

Lastly, you went pee-pee on the potty. OMG! I just about exploded with excitement when you did it for the first time. I think I spooked you but it was worth it.  In the week since then, you have done it a few more times. It makes us to proud that you are getting the concept of going on your little princess potty so quickly. We think that you’ll just keep getting better and better about notifying us before you need to go, rather than afterwards, to keep progressing forward with it. yay!!!

It’s the summer, so we’re enjoying the nice weather, so our evenings are filled with walks with Kemper and the weekends are filled with play time in the kiddie pool. It’s the best time of the year and I’m loving enjoying it with you!

I’m looking forward to the next month to continue to watch you grow, learn, and just be so super silly.

I love you so much!



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