A Maine Lobsta Dinnah

A Maine Lobsta Dinnah

After our wonderful morning trip to ‘The Hub’ for mussels, we had the most amazing dinner. It was a wonderful way to experience Maine all together.

Elaine set the table full of plate, bowl, platters to serve us freshly cooked corn, steamed lobsters, sauteed garlicky kale, and mussels. And, of course, wine!

A Maine Lobsta Dinnah

A Maine Lobsta Dinnah A Maine Lobsta Dinnah

Prior to cooking the lobsters, we showed them to Autumn. She was interested but still very cautious of them. Understandably!!

A Maine Lobsta Dinnah A Maine Lobsta Dinnah

While the lobsters and mussels cooked, Price and Autumn did some golf in the front yard.

And then the feasting began!!

A Maine Lobsta Dinnah

This wild child loved loved the corn on the cob, strawberries, and crackers she munched on for dinner. She didn’t try any mussels or lobster, which didn’t surprise me, but she did check them out.

A Maine Lobsta Dinnah A Maine Lobsta Dinnah

A Maine Lobsta Dinnah

She cautiously held on to the lobster tail as she examined it. She picked it up and slowly rotated it in her hands as she checked out the shell. It slipped out of her hands and almost hit her face. Oh, poor thing looked so spooked!

A Maine Lobsta Dinnah

There were some little pearls in the mussels that Price had picked for our dinner. One guy had like 12 pearls, but the majority of the mussels were pearl free and delicious.

We cooked up the mussels with some water, wine, and plenty of garlic. A little dip back into the briny broth after we removed the meat from the shells was all you needed before slurping them back.

A Maine Lobsta Dinnah A Maine Lobsta Dinnah

Sometimes you just need to give your lobster claw with a big rock to crack it up. I insist it’s a much better technique than using a cracker. Louder, but much better! ha!

A Maine Lobsta Dinnah

Dinner was thoroughly enjoyed!!

You can’t beat fresh seafood, good drinks, and wonderful company.


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