Fresh from the Market: Davio’s Lynnfield Market Menu

Davio's Lynnfield

I don’t think you can get any fresher than the meal that Price and I had on Monday night from Davio’s in Lynnfield.

Seriously, besides eating directly in the garden, you can’t get any fresher than this. I dare you to prove me wrong!

Davio's Lynnfield-14

MarketStreet, located in Lynnfield, MA, is an adorable shopping complex that has cute stores, play areas, and great restaurants. We often go there for shopping at Gymboree and so Autumn can play at the sculpture garden at the Market Square. She loves the frogs and turtles there. ha!

The Whole Foods, located at the main entry of the complex, has a 17,000 square feet roof top garden. It is largest rooftop farm in New England and the first supermarket farm in the country.

Davio's Lynnfield-8 Davio's Lynnfield-9

Davio’s is a Northern Italian Steakhouse that has an incredible reputation for elevated Italian cuisine. You can get your classics like chicken parm (and gnocchi, but even those dishes have a speical homemade touch from housemade pasta and fresh sauces. They make brick oven pizza in variety of flavors like, Prosciutto Pizza, Fig Jam, Arugula, Caramelized Onions ($18). But their sweet spot is their steaks that range from 8 oz. Prime Flat Iron, 10 oz. Center Cut Filet Mignon, and 16 oz. Prime Natural Aged Ribeye.

Davio's Lynnfield-15

They have a summer time prix fixe Monday Market Menu will change weekly based on that Monday’s harvest available from the Whole Foods’ Rooftop Farm. This is great for the diners and for the chef, as it really allows him to create some fun dishes. This specialty menu is running through the month of August, so hurry to check it out!

Davio's Lynnfield-1

On Monday night we kicked off our dinner with some cocktails!

Their extensive cocktail list feature classics and innovative cocktails that will compliment your meal and your mood. Their wine list will also be able to satisfy your desires for whites, reds, roses, and sparkling wines. They really do have it all.

Davio's Lynnfield-2 Davio's Lynnfield-3

Our wonderful server, Nick, then brought over some of Davio’s classic popovers. Man, you would have thought it was Christmas morning with my extremely excited reaction. They were massive, airy, eggy delights. And they were served with nice soft butter. It just kicked your typical bread basket in the butt.

Davio's Lynnfield-4

While we were browsing the menu and sipping our drinks we saw an unique looking dish pass by our table. We grabbed the attention of the server who brought it out to ask him what it was. He said it was one the most popular appetizers on the menu, the Philly Cheese Steak Spring Rolls ($11). They are spring rolls filled with shaved steak and melty cheese. They are served along side a spicy homemade ketchup and a spicy homemade mayo and topped off with fried onion strings. Delicious and delightful!!!!

Can’t make up your mind about which of the 5 spring roll options you would like? Well, then just get the sampler ($15) which gives you 1 of each of their spring rolls, like the Reuben and Chicken Parm ones.

Davio's Lynnfield-6

The Market Menu salad served this past Monday featured fresh greens, tomatoes, cucumbers radishes, peppers, and goat cheese feta that was tossed with a red wine vinaigrette. Nick suggested that we split a salad so he brought it out on 2 plates for us. Brillant idea! The salad was simple, but allowed all of the fresh ingredients to really shine in this dish. Every bite allowed the summer time flavors to really pop in your mouth. I couldn’t get over how crisp and really flavorful the cucumbers were. They were not mellow like store-bought cucumbers, they packed a little pop of extra flavor.

Davio's Lynnfield-7 Davio's Lynnfield-10

Price and I enjoyed the patio and beautiful evening weather, but I stopped off inside to check out the restaurant and the kitchen. They feature an open kitchen allowing you to watch the food prep action. They have a long chef’s table that runs along the kitchen so if you’d like to watch all that buzz and action that that would be a wonderful spot for you. They also have a large bar (and bar menu!) and other typical seating options at tables and booths.

Davio's Lynnfield-11

The entree was the shining star of our dinner.

The Market Menu featured entree was a pair of 4 ounce petite filets served with dressed arugula roasted asparagus and portabella mushrooms. Each filet had an accompanying sauce, one was a Great Hill Blue Cheese and the other was a shallot and sage sauce. Both were to die for. The melted blue cheese, which was sourced from Marion, MA, and provided a robust, salty sauce that draped each bite of the perfectly cooked steak. The other sauce was as equally as delicious with caramelized shallots and fresh sage.

I swear that the asparagus was the best tasting asparagus I had ever had. It was tender and so flavorful. I feel that people often don’t like asparagus from the rough texture and lack luster flavor, but anyone would be a fan after trying this.

Davio's Lynnfield-12 Davio's Lynnfield-13

Both of us were in complete awe with how wonderful the Market Menu was. The salad and the entree were both so incredible. There where moments during the dinner where we just kept saying ‘wow’ to each other bite after bite. The beauty of it all was that the produce was all hyper local and fresh.

Davio's Lynnfield-16

Nick brought out the dessert cart that was loaded of classic Italian specialties, like tiramisu and affogato, and other classics like, flan and creme brule. We decided to be really indulgent and split the molten chocolate cake.

It was chocolately, lucious, and oh so naughty. The cake was springy and light in texture and then you break into the center and the lava like chocolately center oozes out. It’s super rich and basically, worth every calorie!

 Davio's Lynnfield-5

Price and I enjoyed every sip and bite of our meal. We saying how everything was incredible. I said that I couldn’t think of anything that was a slip or a miss. I did joke around saying that I finally figured out the flaw in the dinner and it was that my cocktail had a seed in it… after I squeezed the garnish. dang! We seriously were so, so impressed with every aspect of our meal.

We definitely plan on going back to Davio’s. The meal can get pretty pricey as some of the entrees can average around $30, and up to $59 for their massive, incredible 24 oz. Prime Natural Aged Bone-in Ribeye Chop. Don’t fret as there really are plenty of affordable options as well, but a meal could set you back. However, we think that it would really be worth it as we experienced the most incredible service, atmosphere, and food. It is the kind of place where you take a bite and think some naughty things to yourself before diving in for another incredible bite, and then another and another. It would be perfect to really go all out for a wonderful birthday or anniversary dinner… hey Price, hint, hint.

Thank you Davio’s Lynnfield for inviting me to enjoy this wonderful meal. See you at brunch real soon! There is a Tenderloin Eggs Benedict that is served with a popover and a  Black Truffle Hollandaise sauce that has my name all over it.

Davio’s Lynnfield

1250 Market Street

Lynnfield, MA 01940



While I received this complimentary dinner in exchange for a honest review, all opinions expressed are completely my own.


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