Dear Autumn @ 22 Months

Dear Autumn @ 22 Months

September, 2015

Dear Autumn,

You are such a smarty pants know it all. But all toddlers are!

You are so opinionated and I loved it so much. I love how you are finding your voice to indicate what you want. It can be something simple from which shoes you want to wear to something more frantic, like your immediately need to go outside with shouts of “SIDE!!!!” while dragging me to the door by a finger.

The amount of talking you do is incredible. I love that you parrot us all the time. I know once day that will back fire when you say something when we slip up, but right now it’s so precious how you mimic us. The thing that just makes us melt is when you say ‘tank you mommy’ and ‘tank you daddy’. It’s so sweet.

I swear you never stop moving. You are always buzzing with activity around the house or outside. I’m afraid that you are going to be so sad trapped inside the house this winter since you can’t get enough of being outside. You had a blast when we went apple picking arleady. I’m sure you won’t mind going again this season since mom can’t get enough of apples this year. Gotta live it up before we move to Florida!

When we were on The Cape for vacation you had so much attention for your cousins that you loved. You slept so, so horribly some times, but it was still a wonderful vacation as we were together as a big family and you got to play with everyone in the pool and at the beach. So much fun!

One morning we put Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on while we were on The Cape and since then you have been HOOKED. You asked for Mickey even before we get home from daycare so always have to explain to you that Mickey and the TV are resting as we don’t watch TV at night before you go to bed. But you get an episode of Mickey every morning while you have you morning ‘leche’. My favorite part is that you reply to the characters when they ask questions. LOVE IT!!

The hardest part about the time passing is that time is passing. It’s hard that it is speeding by so quickly. I think back to what we were doing last year, or even 6 months ago, and it’s insane how much bigger you are, how much more curious you are, how much more independent you are. I love your independence, but it it hurts some days when you don’t need the help. But at the same time you’re becoming more affectionate, so that’s a win!

Now, please let us brush your hair without fighting us! It’s looking crazy some days!! ha!!

I Love you!



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One thought on “Dear Autumn @ 22 Months

  1. mom says:

    I love to read these updates
    autumn has just grown so quickly
    what a difference from the wedding till when I saw her this past weekend.
    it was all I could do from squeezing her
    she is a wonderful beautiful and funny gal.
    being her gg is awesome

    Liked by 1 person

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