Crazy for Cookies and Frosting!

Decorating Cookies_Boston Public Market

On Sunday, after a very lovely post nap meltdown, Autumn and I headed into Boston to go to the KITCHEN at Boston Public Market to decorate some cookies.

Thankfully, cookies make everyone happy so my grumpy kid perked up with the fun afternoon activity.

And the sugar.

Decorating Cookies_Boston Public Market_01

I have been a big fan of Boston Public Market since it opened this summer, so when I saw that their education event and cooking center, the KITCHEN, was  having a cookie decorating event I knew that I’d have to bring Autumn. Plus, you can’t beat it for $1 a cookie!

The KITCHEN, programmed by The Trustees, is a space attached to the market that provides a variety of classes, events, and programming to help teach people everything from sourcing our food, healthy eating, urban gardening, and baking cakes. They offer these classes at a variety of pricing from free events to fun date night options for $90 a couple. Awesome!!

Decorating Cookies_Boston Public Market_02

Autumn quickly embraced her sunglass wearing cookie decorating (& frosting eating).

She dove into all the different options for decorations. It was so fun to watch her strategize how she would decorate the cookies. Spoonful of frosting here, some gummies there, and a lot of sprinkles all over the place. She was also great at giving me direction to help her out by putting things ‘aqui!’ in her polite little voice.

Decorating Cookies_Boston Public Market_03

There was a large selection of different colors of royal icing, candies, and sprinkles. It was perfect for kids (and adults!).

They also had salt dough ornaments to decorate too. We just stuck with the sugar cookies, but Autumn liked carrying around the ornaments while dancing to the music. She even tried to get a ride in the decorative sled.

Decorating Cookies_Boston Public Market_04

Also, when did my little girl get so big?!?!

Decorating Cookies_Boston Public Market_05 Decorating Cookies_Boston Public Market_06

I admire Autumn’s strategy for getting all those excess sprinkles off her fingers. She certainly did it with with enthusiasm.

 Decorating Cookies_Boston Public Market_07

And that is some perfect cookies right there.

We are already are planning on going again while my mom is visiting before Christmas since it’s such a fun activity for kids of all ages. Plus, holiday music, yule log on the TV, fresh farm milk, and cookies will get everyone into the holiday spirit.


the KITCHEN at Boston Public Market is hosting more cookie decorating at their Cozy Kitchen Cookie Sundays on the 13th and 20th from 2-5pm. Cookies and salt dough ornaments cost $1 each.

On the 20th, they are also decorating gingerbread houses as part of their Taste of the Season Series Presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts from 12-2pm. This event is free!


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