Oh Christmas Tree, Oh (Rockefeller Center) Christmas Tree

Visiting NYC 2015_01

This past weekend, we traveled down to Connecticut to stay at my sister’s house so we could all go into NYC together as a family to do some holiday sightseeing together. I loved being in New York on such a beautiful day with my family. So much fun!

Visiting NYC 2015_02

Visiting NYC 2015_03 Visiting NYC- 2015_04

Visiting NYC 2015_05

Grand Central Station always is so awe inspiring.

I love that this is what greets us every time we visit New York as we take Metro North into Grand Central. It is just a great way to start and end our trips into New York.

Visiting NYC 2015_06

Our crew!

We headed out to the Winter Village market at Bryant Park. I love going there. It’s festive and I love the shops there. Plus, grabbing a hot chocolate and watching the skaters at the ice rink is such a picture perfect Winter activity.

Visiting NYC 2015_07 Visiting NYC 2015_08

 Visiting NYC 2015_09

Autumn is still very much uneasy around dressed up characters. She previously freaked out around a duck on Mother’s Day and Wally the Monster, the Red Sox’s mascot, on Father’s Day, but I figured enough time had past that she might be ‘over it’. But nope, she would say “No, no, no Mommy/Daddy!” when they would walk by us in Times Square. She was quite happy watching Mickey, Minnie, Olaf, and Elmo at a safe distance though.

Visiting NYC 2015_10 Visiting NYC 2015_11

After our adventures in Toys R Us, Autumn tried sour belt candy for the first time. She love/hated it. She ate 2 pieces and made this face after each bite. hilarious!

Visiting NYC 2015_12

I love how there never is a picture with kids looking in the same direction as there are always no less than 4 adults snapping pictures at them.

Visiting NYC 2015_13

New York, I like your style.

Visiting NYC 2015_14

And ta-da! Here we are as a grand little family in front of the tree.

I can’t even start with how much I love these pants that my sister found at a tag sale in the summer. They are old Lilly Pulitzer Pink Corduroy Pants with Boston Terriers all over them. And they were in such great condition! Practically new! I just needed to get them hemmed… duh!

Visiting NYC 2015_15 Visiting NYC 2015_16

Visiting NYC 2015_17

And my sister, me, and my brother!!!

Also, what am I doing here with my leg? I have to stop doing that…

Visiting NYC 2015_18

Such a great bad photo. ha!

Visiting NYC 2015_19

St. Patrick’s Cathedral has undergone a major restoration project and had scaffolding on it for about a decade so it was wonderful getting to see it without any framework on it for the first time since it was taken down last year.

Visiting NYC 2015_20

On our way to our lunch at Empanada Mama, Autumn passed out in the stroller. I was so excited about her napping on schedule and for having a meal in peace!

But then, an employee at the restaurant next door slammed the metal sidewalk access panel door shut and Autumn was up in an cranky instant. Such a bummer for her and us!

Visiting NYC 2015_22 Visiting NYC 2015_21

My sister, brother-in-law, and 2 nephews went back after lunch but the rest of us hung around a bit more. We just couldn’t resist being out in such awesome, strangely warm weather. We swung around Rockefeller Center and Bryant Park again to Grand Central to catch a train home.

Visiting NYC 2015_23 Visiting NYC 2015_24

We were able to decompress from our walking and eating on the quiet train ride back.

But of course, we had to try our Chimney Cake, that we picked up at our 2nd visit to Bryant Park. So stinking good! If you go you have to get it with chocolate inside and with cinnamon sugar on the outside.

My brother came over my sister’s house, where we were staying, for pizza and beers. Plus the kids all got to play around. Autumn learned the fine art of break dancing from her cousin Cara. There were some fantastic spins on the floors.

Overall, we were all so exhausted so we crashed pretty early on in the evening. That’s the best way to end a great day!

Visiting NYC 2015_25 Visiting NYC 2015_26

Before we left to head home my brother and his family came back over for breakfast for bagels, eggs, bacon, sausage, and fruit. And plenty of coffee!

These are the best photos from Sunday morning of the kids playing. They were nuts and awesome. They were jumping on each other and playing with all the Minnie’s that Autumn had (3) on her new Minnie Blanket (of course!). I love how they play and love with pure abandon.

Man, I love adventures with my family!


{Glasses from Firmoo, Pants are old Lilly Pulitzer, Top is Old Navy}


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