California Chocolate Bark

California Chocolate Bark

My life is hectic now.

California Chocolate Bark_01

I’m currently 1,368 miles from my husband, dogs, and 98% of my stuff. I’m in FL and he is in MA and he won’t be down here for another few weeks. I miss him like crazy. As does Autumn. But at least the time us flying by and fast approaching for when he will be down here. (Side note: major props to military spouses. damn, a month is tough, I can’t imagine a deployment!)

Our house was listed on Monday and we have already accepted a fantastic (CASH!) offer, which is awesome awesomness. But it was so nerve-wrecking anyway. Selling a house is craziness, but our realtor is incredible and is making the process painless. She is our life saver. (Boston/Northshore peeps… call up Tetyana Ivanina. We love her!)

California Chocolate Bark_02

And there is the fact that Autumn hysterically cries every morning before, during, and after drop off. Thankfully, the staff is ridiculously amazing with her so she will hopefully adjust soon. Hopefully!!!

All that said, I am looking forward to this weekend and getting to see my mom and grandma to celebrate my grandma’s birthday on Saturday. And then Sunday is all about relaxing. I am thinking we can see the manatees again in the morning and then a whole lot of nothing in the afternoon. Then it is time for mama to kick back, relax, and put up my pedicure needing feet and watch the Oscar’s. I can’t wait!!!

California Chocolate Bark_07 California Chocolate Bark_08

California Chocolate Bark_09 California Chocolate Bark_10

California Chocolate Bark_11 California Chocolate Bark_12

As I’ve previously said, I don’t get out to the movies (busy much?!) so I have no idea who to root for but I am just going to savor the time I get to relax and watch the stars strut down the red carpet and have acceptance speeches that are too long.

All of this will be topped off with some wine!!!! And thankfully, I am so ready for it! I have my options since I have a bottle each of a Pinot Nior and a Merlot from Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi. Decisions, decisions…

California Chocolate Bark_05 California Chocolate Bark_06

No matter what I will be making the right choice! Great wine is great wine!

The Merlot pairs perfectly with chocolate so that is an extra plus right there since I make this California Chocolate Bark to indulge in.

California Chocolate Bark_03

Chocolate bark is a favorite of mine for solo indulgences or for a party. Or even for a gift since everyone loves chocolate. (Only liars don’t like chocolate. ha!)  It’s simple and to make, I’d say it’s 10 minutes max. Perfect, no?!?

I stuck with a California theme to go along with the California Merlot and the fact that the Oscars happen in Cali as well! I picked out fruits and nuts that are from California, such as the cashews, apricots, and 2 kinds of raisins. It’s a great balance of salty and sweet.

Plus I jazzed it up with fun Edible Gold Star Glitter Sprinkles. Sprinkles just make everything better.

California Chocolate Bark_04

California Chocolate Bark

Makes 10-12 servings


  • 4 ounces semisweet chocolate chips
  • 12 ounces dark chocolate chips
  • 1 Cup whole roasted nuts (I used unsalted cashews)
  • 1 Cup of a variety of dried fruit; such figs, apricots, cherries, cranberries, raisins
  • 1 Tablespoon course sea salt
  • Sprinkles are optional


  1. Prepare a sheet pan by laying a large piece of parchment paper on it.
  2. Chop fruit and nuts, as desired. based on its size.
  3. Melt chocolate in a double boiler or in a microwave. If using the microwave method, Combine the chocolate in a microwave proof bowl. In 30-second intervals, microwave the chocolate, quickly remove and stir. Return to the microwave until the chocolate is completely melted – about 3 minutes.
  4. Acting quickly, pour the melted chocolate out onto the parchment paper in a rectangle. Spread into a 1/4″ thick layer with a knife or offset spatula.
  5. Allow the chocolate to rest for about 30 seconds, then evenly sprinkle the fruit and nuts over the chocolate.
  6. Let cool for another two minutes, then sprinkle sea salt and sprinkles over top the top. Set aside for about 2 hours or until firm. Do NOT put in the refrigerator to speed firming – the chocolate will grey.
  7. Chop or break the bark into pieces.Store in an airtight container in a cool place for up to one week and serve at room temperature.
  8. Serve with a glass of Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Cabernet Merlot.

Adapted from Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi


Post contains affiliate links

This post was sponsored by Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi but all opinions are my own


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