Hey DC, you’re cool

DC adventures

I was in DC on Thursday and Friday for orientation for work.

It meant for long days (hello 4.30am wake up on Thursday!) but it was so worth it.

Sure, sure, sure it was educational and all for work, but the real excitement was related to getting out on Thursday night to do some sight seeing.

The 4 of us from our office walked from our hotel to The White House to The Washington Monument and then down The Mall to The Lincoln Memorial. It was so much fun walking around and checking out the sites.

We then went to Front Page in DuPont Circle. Get the Smothered Tots ($8) with the pulled pork. OMG to good.

DC adventures_01

While I didn’t have enough time to meet up with Julie, I did get to enjoy her suggestion of stopped by Filter Coffee. My first Flat White and it was perfection. Or what I assume to be perfect since it was so spectacular. And pretty.

DC adventures_02 DC adventures_03

Later in the day on Friday, I skipped out on the provided lunch to have lunch with my friend who worked in Boston and transferred to DC. We went to Rice Bar, which is just a few blocks from the 0ffice, to have Bibimbap and some mochi. Quick service, good food, and great company.

And then to round out my brief trip, I enjoyed a Bloody Mary on the flight home. Playing catch up on foodie magazines and a Bloody Mary. Perfection!

DC adventures_04 DC adventures_05

As we left DC I snapped a few pictures out of the window at The Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery. I honestly didn’t realize that The Pentagon was so close to DC. I thought it was in the burbs, like 10 miles away. I think I was lumping it together with Quantico. I swear I’m not always such an idiot. ha!

Anyway, it was a fun time, and it just makes me wish that I could plan another trip soon.


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