Monday Munchies: Fat Heads BBQ Stand

As part of my Monday Munchies series, I will feature a different eatery for a review on the third Monday of every month. Hope you enjoy!

Fat Heads BBQ Shack

I believe that you can get some really great food at road side stands. The food has to be good to keep people coming back since there really is no service or decor to help keep people coming back. When you drive by a stand and see people laying food out on the roof of their car and chowing down right there, you know it’s good.

Fat Heads BBQ Shack-01

Thankfully, there are plenty of road side stands near where we have moved to here in Florida. They dot the side of the road and are stationed in dusty parking lots.

My current fav is just a few miles away from us. Yes!

Fat Heads BBQ Shack-02 Fat Heads BBQ Shack-03

Besides the food itself, the thing that I love the most about Fat Heads BBQ Stand is that it is so fresh. They make your order when you order it. No, you don’t chill out in a plastic chair next to the smoke for hours waiting for your pulled pork to smoke, but they make everything to order. It’s take out but it’s not exactly quick, but I appreciate that.

Fat Heads BBQ Shack-04

Meaning, they cut the ribs, quarter the chicken, scoop the sides all the order. It’s not just hanging out there for you, it’s made for you with your order. So good.

Fat Heads BBQ Shack-05 Fat Heads BBQ Shack-06

The father and son duo that run it are so nice and talented. Stan Sr. and Stan Jr have been running the stand for over 5 years but have many combined years of experience of making great food.

I have tried it all and let me tell you everything is wonderful. Just wonderful!!

Fat Heads BBQ Shack-07 Fat Heads BBQ Shack-08

When ordering the pulled pork, you are asked if you want the sandwich wet (sauce mixed in) or dry and what bbq sauce you want, mild or spicy.  I personally prefer it wet with mild sauce. The hot BBQ sauce is good but it’s very spicy. Proceed with caution if you don’t like things that spicy.

Fat Heads BBQ Shack-09

Just look at that smoke ring!!!

Their beef brisket is also so wonderful. I love the smokey flavor and the tender texture of the thin sliced brisket.

Fat Heads BBQ Shack-10 Fat Heads BBQ Shack-11

I think that everything is a great value, but their Family Value Dinners are the best option when you want to try a bunch of things, have a bunch of leftovers, or actually share with your family and friends. There are 2 options, the Fat Head sampler for $23, which ended up being 4 servings for us so that was a great value. The larger Dinner Meal for 4 for $40 which is very generous so be ready for some leftovers for lunch or your midnight snack.

Fat Heads BBQ Shack-12

The cornbread is not included in the samplers, but order it… it’s good.

As well, ask for buns when you get the sampler for the pulled pork so that you can make sandwiches.

Fat Heads BBQ Shack-13 Fat Heads BBQ Shack-14

Fat Heads BBQ Shack-15 Fat Heads BBQ Shack-16

I’ve enjoyed all the sides we have tried from our various visits. The collards and beans are my favorite. I love collards and enjoyed the sweet tang in their collards. My daughter likes the mac and cheese, which I thought was a little dry one time, but great the other times. I am picky about potato salad but I really liked their’s.

Fat Heads BBQ Shack-17

Be sure to stop by Fat Heads BBQ Stand when you have a chance. The quick 25 minutes drive south from Tampa is worth it. I swear!


Fat Heads BBQ Stand

5813 N US Highway 41 (at the intersection of Big Bend Road)

Apollo Beach, FL 33572

Saturday and Sunday 11-7pm


Catering available, accepts Debit/CC





3 thoughts on “Monday Munchies: Fat Heads BBQ Stand

  1. Tony Spasiano says:

    The couple of times I had it, DELICIOUS best describes the food. As a note if Fat Head is not at the intersection of BIg Bend Road. Exit 246 off of I-75, then make a left and head south on 41 for about a mile and a half. He is on the left.


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