Dear Hunter @ 1 month

Dear Hunter,

This first month has blown by so quickly.

I am going to think that every month, every milestone, every year that passes by. It will all feel that it is speeding by too quickly.

The first month has been a breeze. You are a happy baby that only squawks when you are really hungry and I am bugging you changing you first. You wake up happy and you are happy just hanging out during the day too. Even bed time is a breeze

You are growing so quickly. It’s hilarious to compare your sister at this age with you since you have several pounds on her. I think you are going to outgrow her quickly. The little brother will be a ‘big’ brother. You are such a chunky monkey! I give your sweet little rolls kisses all day.

Dad had 2 weeks off from work which I cherished. I think it was really beneficial for each of us. It was wonderful for him to get to spend lots of time with you. And it was really helpful for me to have the support. Plus, getting to see him snuggle with you so much was just so perfect.

Overall the first month has been a relative breeze. You hardly cry, and even if you do it’s like a little roar when you do. You sleep well getting up twice a night. You are holding your head up well, even tolerating tummy time. You are growing so much since you are eating really well too.

While losing sleep at night it hard, the hardest part this past month was nursing for me, it was quite painful, but you did really well so I couldn’t complain too much as the overall process was fairly easy. The latching was painful, but after a few minutes it was fine. It took about 3 weeks for that to end and now things are great and I am looking forward to continuing to breastfeed you.

Overall, I am just looking forward to watching you grow and learn as you get older. It’s all so amazing.




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