A new dress does wonders

Three and a half is tough guys. Really Tough.

There are the moments when Autumn is a shining ball of happy of happiness and then the moments she yells at you because it took you an extra 2 seconds to get a new Shimmer and Shine or Paw Patrol on. The scowls will cut right through you too.

And God forbid she is hungry. She gets HANGRY mighty quickly.

While our brains are still in a fog we need to be prepped to get a cup of cheerios and a cup of water with ice right away once we have made it downstairs in the morning. I am constantly reminding her that we have to do one thing at the time and I can’t get the TV, get the cheerios, and water all at once. She is starting to get that since Doc McStuffins only helps 1 patient at a time. But she is not a morning person so waiting can be tough.


Now that Hunter is here, she is having to wait more for things and we have our hands full with him. Sometimes I think she really struggles with it, and  him around, other times she is on board with helping for him, singing to him, or giving him kisses. She tells him she loves him so much all the time. HEART BURST!!

Thankfully, the sourpuss moments are outweighed by the incredibly sweet heart tugging moments. The ones that make you stop in your tracks and put you at piece when she is doing something kind or funny or silly.

Like when we received a beautiful dress from Dot Dot Smile recently. We opened up the package and I explained to her that it was a new dress for her and she said ‘Ohhh it’s so beautiful! Thank You Thank You Thank You Mommy!!!”. She then squirreled it away in her dresser under some pajamas and it took me 3 days to find it, tearing the house apart in the process.

I think that the 2 of us getting out of the house for a fun outing in the afternoon and then this little photoshoot was just what we needed to wind down the weekend.

We headed to the park right next to our house to run around and play before bed. It’s a great way to burn off some extra energy.

There was lots of running, twirling, and jumping in her new dress. She loved how well it twirled around her. Like a princess!

Watching her twirl, roll around, and jump while singing and telling me stories was the  best. It was a great little break from the rush of getting the dishes done or getting more clothes folded. Those to do lists will always be there, but sometimes we just need to completely blow them off for 20 minutes in the park with the ones we love.

I am thankful for moments like this when we just get to take some time to reconnect and goof around together.


Dot Dot Smile is an American made clothing company that creates adorable dresses. They are run similarly to LuLaRoe, with sales through consultants. You can join this FB group run by Samantha for print updates, flash sales to get fun twirly dresses like this for the littles in your life.

BEEHAPPY10 is a 10% off promo code valid through 9/24/2017. *These offers cannot be combined with any other promotion or sale.

Thanks Samantha for this fun dress. #ad

Autumn is wearing a size 2. She is 28 1/2 pounds, 38″ tall



https://giphy.com/embed/f4hOL8JLNooRqvia GIPHY


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