“Spoiling” your dogs with Pawstruck

As dog owners, we all love to spoil our dogs. It’s just part of being a dog owner.

I use the term ‘spoil’ very loosely, like how I call all dogs ‘puppies’, no matter their age. A 10 year old dog will still get a ‘ooo puppy!’ from me when out in public.

I have found that the best way to spoil my dogs, Kemper and Brinkley, is to head over to Pawstruck for some shopping.

I discovered Pawstruck when browsing for cow hooves on Amazon. They were listed as a seller, so I started to search them out more online.

Guess what, they have plenty of their own products and they sell other favorites of ours as well, like Red Barn. But the best thing was that buying through their online store meant that I was saying money as their products were significantly less money on there than on Amazon. And when Kemper and Brinkley go through hooves as fast as they do, I am in need of saving some money!

Natural Dog Chews

When Kemper was a puppy we picked up a bag of Cow Hooves for him to try and it’s been true love ever since. Brinkley loves them just as much so now we go through our bags of them twice as fast. The best thing about getting them from Pawstruck is that they don’t smell. We picked up some other hooves in the past and they would smell so, so horrible from their processing that I would toss them even before Kemper got to really enjoy them. Kemper and Brink aren’t allowed on the sofa with them, but at least they are enjoying them without making me gag.

Every now and then we give them an extra special treat of the filled hooves. Oh boy!!!

Besides the hooves, they really enjoy bully sticks. We get the braided ones for them as they take their time when chewing on them. They tend to get a bit more slobbery with them so I generally make them sit on the lanai with them. They don’t mind! Fresh air and a treat is the perfect way to spend an afternoon in their books!


Dog Treats

Earlier this spring, we had Kemper and Brink boarded at Tampa Bay K9 Solutions for a 3 week training course. Kemper had previous training when he was a puppy and, since we had gotten Brink right before we moved, we had just hoped she would pick them commands  and behaviors from us and Kemper, but that wasn’t the case. They both really needed to have a major refresher in training. We have been working hard to continue to reinforce what they learned so having plenty of treats on hand is really helpful.

Pawstruck has a variety of dog treats including training treats, crunchy treats, jerk, and dental chews.

Side note- we can’t use the dental chews since Kemper doesn’t understand they are to be chewed so once he munches on them and they break in half or so he tries to swallow them. We learned this a few years ago when Price had to fish it out of his throat a few times when he was choking. ooph!

Dog Food

While at training, Brinkley fell in love with the Red Barn Dog Food Rolls. The trainer would cut up pieces of the roll and use it as a training reward as it was healthy, grain free, and an affordable alternative to dog treats. I would check in to see if they dogs needed me to drop off more food and I’d hear how Brinkley was refusing the ($$$!) food I packed and would only eat the food the trainer was providing as a reward. Thanks Brink…

At least she got hooked on a great product and I soon discovered that I could pick it up affordably from Pawstruck. Again, like the cow hooves, I was finding the dog food rolls for significantly less on Pawstruck than on Amazon.


To go along with their daily fish oil pills, I was looking for another supplement that would benefit them. Pawstruck has a new Joint and Hip Supplement that we have added to their daily routine.

They are both highly active dogs so wanting to maintain good joint health is key in them remaining happy and healthy. Brinkley already has a funny gait where her front legs pop out a bit when she walks so keeping her joints flexible and healthy is really important.

We get to continue to take plenty of long walks out of these two for many years to come!


One of the things that Brinkley has battled with since moving to Florida is a dry nose. I have found that the best solution to manage and treat it is with Pawstruck’s Ruff Relief Moisturizing Nose & Paw Balm. I apply some every few days to the top of her nose and it has cleared up really well. It’s also great for their paws.


If you want to give Pawstruck, then hop on over and be sure to use the code KEMPERBRINKEY to save 15%.


While I was provided with product from Pawstruck for this review, all opinions are my own.  Post contains affiliate links. 



3 thoughts on ““Spoiling” your dogs with Pawstruck

  1. Amanda Livesay says:

    I need to get that joint supplement for mine! Clementine takes forever to stand up these days and I’m starting to panic. Also, I give Penelope bully sticks to keep her busy when I’m gone and those braided ones would be perfect!


  2. 50shadesofsahara says:

    I’ve been keeping up with Pawstruck on Instagram for a while and haven’t bought anything from them yet so after reading this I will have to look there first next time I’m looking for new treats and chews!


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