Dining Out- Boston Brunchers

I have had the privilege of joining a great bunch of Boston area bloggers who enjoy brunch. Boston Brunchers has organized many fantastic brunches for us to visit and review. According to the Boston Globe, “Public relations pros court [the Boston Brucnhers]. Chefs line up to serve them” and they are “are in demand”.  In that article I was quoted regarding a brunch experience at Sel De La Terre. Regardless of the special meals made for us, we just love a good brunch!


Beats Brasserie Brunch-7

Enjoying Brunch at Beats Brasserie with Boston Brunchers (2/2015)

Boston Chops Brunch-11

Enjoying Brunch at Boston Chops with Boston Brunchers (8/2014)

m3 brunch_02

True Southern Hospitality at M3 with Boston Brunchers (9/2012)


Touring Boston’s Jewelers’ Exchange Building with Boston Brunchers (8/2012)

The Farm School Brunch with Boston Brunchers (4/2012)

Maximo’s with Boston Brunchers (3/2012)

Bakers’ Best with Boston Brunchers (3/2012)

The Lansdowne Pub with Boston Brunchers (2/2012)

Boston Brunchers 1 Year Birthday Bash at ICOB (10/2011)

Avenue One with Boston Brunchers (7/2011)

Ashmont Grill with Boston Brunchers (6/2011)

Sel De La Terre with Boston Brunchers (5/2011)

Tacos Tacos Tacos Tacos!- Boston Brunchers at Dorado Tacos and Cemitas (2/2011)


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