How To: Cheeseburger Cake

Use these Things:

1 8-inch brownie layer (burger)

1 8- inch yellow cake layer (base bun)

1 8-inch top yellow cake layer with sliced almonds laid on top prior to baking (top bun w/ sesame seeds)

1 16-oz tub of white frosting (do not use extra whipped) or use homemade

8-oz of white fondant

yellow, green, and red icing colors (do not use normal food coloring)

2 icing bags/sandwich bags for piping

Follow these Steps:

prepare cakes

divide frosting in 3 (40%/40%/30%)

put the 30% portion of frosting on base layer

stack brownies layer on top

divide fondant in 2 portions (60%/40%)

kneed fondant sections until playable, add yellow icing color to 60%, add green to rest

add more icing color, as needed

kneed fondant until color is incorporated

cut an 8″ square of the yellow fondant (slice of cheese)

cut long strips out of the green fondant (lettuce)

lay cheese on top of brownie

color 2 remaining sections of frosting with icing colors for ketchup/russian & mustard

Pipe ketchup on top of cheese

Layer the lettuce strips on top of ketchup

Pipe mustard on top of the lettuce

Top with the other layer of cake

enjoy with friends

dig in to your burger!

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4.8-10: How Martha Were You?

How Martha Was I This Weekend?

Sometimes you just have to have weekends that revolve around drinking. Such as this weekend. Friday night was about beer and cider, Saturday morning was about Cream Soda (ok, not a hard drink but still enjoyable and amazing) and the rest of the weekend was about chocolate margaritas.

And no, I was NOT drinking when I burned myself. I’m just a klutz!

Friday Night-


Price and I headed over to the Harpoon Brewery for a Beer and Chrilled Cheese evening. I had cider the the whole time.

The 5 of us went to Murphy’s Law bar down the road.

After hanging around there for a while, the 4 of us now went to JJ Floley’s in the South End.

Price and I split a cab with Melissa back to Brookline. We get home after 1am


Up early, as usual, to go to Haymarket to get fruits and veggies for the week

I’m yapping about getting Boloco burritos for breakfast so we end up going. Price couldn’t understand why I wanted a burrito so badly in the morning, but he had no idea they made breakfast burritos. I enjoyed my chorizo burrito and a Boylan’s cream soda. Breakfast of champions!

Back home, lounging around watching Food Network. Saw the Mexican Made Easy episode and knew I had to make the Chocolate Margaritas on the episode.

Give up on trying to stay awake and take a nap

Make ‘lunch’… tater tots. ha

Trip to the grocery store and Urban Grape to get groceries and ingredients for margaritas

Do some packing, laundry, and cleaning the apartment

Watch the NASCAR Race!!! We have chocolate Margaritas and Dinner. Price and I made Buffalo Burgers, Beans, and Salad


I spent the morning packing while Price cleaned the yard from all the leaves we left to cover the hostas over the winter.

My co-worker Kellie came by to pick up a computer that I was holding for her since the last babyshower I hosted. She brought us empandas.

I made empanadas and burned the F out of my left hand when oil splattered.

Drive to Everett to got to Michael’s to get fondant and Home Depot for garden bags

Natalie and Jason come over for dinner. We make burgers, grilled veggies, and salad

I start my Cheeseburger Cake- bake all the layers and set aside to complete Monday morning.

During Morning Living on Martha Radio, the hosts hold a segment called How Martha Were You? every Monday morning where you recap your weekend’s activities.

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