Tattoo #3

This is what I did today on my day off.

I’ve wanted a mermaid tail tattoo on my foot for over a year now. I love mermaids. I have some mermaid prints from Amy Brown and David Delamare in the bathroom but I am not about to get crazy and add chotchkies in our place. I draw the line somewhere and that somewhere is my right foot.

I went to Good Faith Tattoo for my 3rd tattoo. I met with Ben Sacks and went though the inspiration that I brought in. I also explained that I wanted a mermaid tail to wrap over the top of my foot with the starting point at my right ankle. He got to work and did 4 sketches to get it perfect. He took his time making subtle changes to each sketch to get he stencil to be right for the contours of my foot.

Now when someone tells you that getting a tattoo done on your foot hurts, they are not lying. The guys there warned me and I knew it would hurt since your foot has less fat on it for padding. I took 2 breaks, one when Price came in to say hi and see it on his way home from work and another after Ben did all the blue work (more on that later). One of the guys there said that his foot tattoo (of a rat) hurt badly. Now I’m gonna believe him because he had the nicest blue eyes and several neck tattoos. I’d think a neck tattoo would hurt more than your foot, but I’m not about to argue with the man.

I love the coloring that Ben did. I went through the portfolio books and saw a koi fish that had similar colors and loved it. But let me tell you, blue ink is a bitch. First getting a tattoo on you foot hurts but blue ink is ‘sticky’ so Ben had to keep wiping my foot because I began to look like a Navi. And I could not figure out what hurt more, the tattooing or the (gently) wiping off with a wet paper towel. Sooo sensitive!

I love it and need to let it heel now. I’m relaxing with my foot up now to give it a much needed break. And I’m watching sooo much Glee, making the night even better.

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