I love summer

I love summer.

The outside activities, sunshine, and warm mornings all make me happy.

The smell of sunblock and bugspray are my perfumes.

Water activities are the best.

Sunkissed cheeks are extra kissable.

I love the way that Autumn comes home with tangled hair matted to her from running around and getting sweaty.

Cold glasses of ice tea are a must.

Melty ice cream cones make for sticky fingers.

Our dogs flop into the cool tile floor after a long walk.

The smells of grills fill the air at night.

S’mores are my summer time addiction.

Flip flop tan lines are a sigh of freedom.

Piles of sand on the car floor means a great weekend was had at the beach.

Going down the slide at the pool is a given.

Summer is the best season.

Pics from this weekend’s community splash pad event.


Father’s Day Gift Guide- 2017

Did you forget that Father’s Day is this Sunday?

Oh, only me then…

Well, I’ll use the new baby as a decent excuse, but what’s your excuse?!?!?!

It’s time to get shopping!!!

I hopped over to Amazon for ya to check out some awesome stuff. Amazon has tons of great products and the majority of them are Prime eligible. Some are even available for Prime Now, depending on where you live.

Let’s be real, you’re an amazon addict if you’re a parent. It saves ya when you need to order diapers or tub toy organizers (like what we needed to do this past week after our daughter Hulk’d her organizer off the wall and broke the bracket!)

-Bath and Body-

Essential Oil Diffusers – Monq $120 for 7

Okay, so this won’t arrive in time to give to Dad for Father’s Day but… it’s still an awesome gift. Like, maybe he won’t mind if you put an IOU in his card.

I have been using Monq for the past 6 months and I love it. I am a big fan of essential oils and love the benefits that they provide. These are portable diffuses so they can be tossed in a bag or pocket. I find that they really help with giving me an afternoon pick me up or helps me relax before bed.

Beard Oil – Mountaineer Brand $12

For the dad’s with some facial hair, a beard oil is a must. It helps keep the hair soft and helps condition your skin underneath the beard.


Tripod Mount for Smartphones – Studio Neat $30

This is great for the Dad who loves Instagram or who loves to share family memories on Facebook. Having the tripod mount for smartphone devices is great for capturing moments of the whole family together.

And make sure dad snaps a self timer picture of everyone on Father’s Day with his new tripod!

Digital Laser Measure- Bosch $30

I have been using laser measures at work for years. They are so awesome. They are really precise and easy to use. Dad will love having one of these around for his next big home project.

-Food and Drink- 

Grilling Cookbook – America’s Test Kitchen $19

It’s time to fire up that grill! I love cookbooks from America’s Test Kitchen as they are clear and easy to follow. They are packed with great, helpful trips and tricks. You know Dad is gonna love to share his new found knowledge with you while he grills up a big steak, some kabobs, and some beer can chicken.

Smoker Box – Char-Broil – $13

If Dad likes grilling, then he might like to try smoking as well. This smoker box is a great way to start that. You can get all different kinds of wood chips for him too!

6 quart 7 function Pressure Cooker – Instant Pot $100

No place for a grill? Or dad doesn’t enjoy it? Then give him an instant pot. I bet he will love making pulled pork or batches of mac and cheese in there. Shoot, my husband loves that he can hardboil 18 eggs in there at once.

-Staying Active- 

Baby Bike Seat –  CyclingDeals $60

Family bike outings are always a blast. These bike seats are great for young kids so they can join the family. Having them right behind you lets you talk to them and play ‘I Spy’ while out on the trails.

Bike Trailer – Via Velo $400

Have 2 kids? This bike trailer is perfect for both of them.

And if they are doggo kids… they are great to hang out in there too! ha!

Insulated Water Bottle – KINGSSO $12

While Dad is hauling everyone around with his bike, make sure he is well hydrated! A sleek looking water bottle will help him stay hydrated and looking cool.



Graphic Tee’s- $20+

These Fun ‘Drink Local‘ Tee’s are great for the Dad’s that love local brews and live in CA, DC, MA, NY, TX, and WI.

This ‘For Fox Sake’ shirt is great for the dad that has a fun sense of humor.

Bike Messenger Bag- Manhattan Portage $120

This messenger bag is great for the stylish Dad who commutes to work on public transportation. It’s compact but still manages to hold a lot of stuff with

Vintage Canvas Backpack- Hotstyle $35 or less

Or maybe a messenger bag isn’t his thing? This backpack is pretty awesome. It’s waterproof and looks really stylish. Plus, it won’t break the piggy bank for less than $35.

Cool Diaper Bag- Diaper Dude $25+

And for the dad’s to be, a cool diaper bag is a must. My husband has a messenger bag from diaper dude and has loved using it over the past few years. It’s comfortable and has plenty of storage, including pockets for smart organization.


What are you getting Dad for Father’s Day?

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide- 2017

Woohoo! Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Are you ready?!

Resist the urge to take mom out for brunch. Everyone does it and it’s a madhouse out there. Also, resist the idea of making breakfast in bed for her. Unless you make everything, give her the breakfast, and walk away to clean EVERYTHING up. Let her eat in peace. Personally, I think it’s a better idea to let her sleep in while you take a gremlins out of the house, and you bring back her favorite donuts/bagel/pastries and a giant coffee. Again, you leave her alone to eat in peace.

Have you caught on yet?!?!?

In addition to that, some gifts would be nice. Feel free to go while and get some fun things. Maybe you should skip that spinning stone necklace in exchange for these awesome goodies.

-Bath and Body-


A Great Lipstick- Melted by Too Faced $21

I am loving lipsticks from Too Faced lately since they have great coverage and colors. Nudes are classic but bright colors are fun for summer. Just get her one that will make her feel wonderful.



Her Favorite Perfume – $60+

It’s just wonderful how when you give your mom a big hug and you take in a deep breath, breathing in her perfume, it takes you back to memories of your childhood.

Getting her a fresh bottle of her signature scent is a winning gift. Or pick up a new scent for her that is sure to become a classic.


Key, Wallet Tracker – TrackR $30

If mom misplaces her keys or wallet as much as I do, then she will probably love this gadget. It will make getting out of the house with keys in hand quickly and stress free. Instead of running around like crazy looking for her keys, she will be able to quickly locate them with the app on her phone.

Ultra Compact Portable High-Speed Charger- Anker $17

For the moms on the go, these portable phone charges are great. They help you stay connected, or at least on Instagram while at the park.

-Food and Drink- 


Pineapple embossed wineglasses –  Luminarc $32 for 6

Pineapples are super trendy now. Yay! So you can’t go wrong with gifting these fun glasses and a bottle of wine.

Then walk far away from mom so she can enjoy a glass of wine in silence. shhhh!!

7 In 1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker Instant Pot $99

This could be tricky. She might be offended that you are giving her a kitchen gadget, but

the risk might pay off when she tries it and falls in love with it. I am loving mine so I hope she loves hers too.

A fun mug- $15

I swear that it’s a real victory if I can manage to drink a cup of coffee without reheating it in the microwave. Why are morning so crazy?!?! At least a new  large mug will be a cute addition  to her collection. Hopefully, it will give her a good laugh when she retrieves it out of the microwave again and again.

And don’t forget to gift her favorite coffee or tea along with the mug!

Delightfully Delicious Macarons – $15- 90

Online order some macarons or stop by a local bakery to pick some up before visiting mom. I bet she will get a kick out the inventive flavors, like passion fruit, lychee, or lavender.

-Staying Active- 

Activity Tracker- Fit Bit $99- $150

I have used a FitBit for the past few years and I have loved every step of it. There are all different styles of fitness trackers so get one that you think mom will like. The low profile Alta or the Charge with the heart rate monitor? So many options, so many mix and match bands to accessorize with it.

Fitness Membership  – Orange Theory

If mom likes to push herself then have her check out an Orange Theory class. She will love to see how many calories she burned and how many splat points she earned during class. Then she can calculate how many glasses of wine she can have in exchange for the calories she burned during class. ha!


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Oh Hey, Snow!

Oh Hey Snow

It’s snowing today in Boston.

I love/hate it. I think it’s wonderful but such a mess at the same time. It’s 2007 Britney.

We are currently predicted to get between 5-8″ of snow. Not too shabby.

Oh Hey Snow_01

After last year’s record setting snow fall I’m glad this winter had been pretty easy on us.

With 9 days left in Boston I can’t complain. I’ll take what snow comes our way. I will miss it to some degree, but I don’t miss having to clear off the car or shovel.

Oh Hey Snow_02 Oh Hey Snow_03

In fact, I really hate cleaning off the car, I have a “funny” story  about snow and my soft-top Jeep Wrangler from when I was in high school. My mom was out cleaning off her car after it had snowed and was lecturing me that I needed to properly clean off my car before going to school while I sat inside it as it warmed off. I said “nah, look at this. I do this all the time.” I turned around grabbed a gym shoe in the back and tossed it against the back plastic to knock off the snow. “See, it knocks it off!” I grabbed the other shoe, tossed it back there again and my shoe sailed right through ripping the plastic. WTF!?!?!?! I guess the cold, rigid plastic had had enough of shoes bouncing off of it and RIP!!!!!

Needless to say I was in trouble and really cold in my car that day. Lesson learned, don’t through shoes at your Jeep Wrangler’s windows.

Oh Hey Snow_04

Anyway, I snapped these photos on my birthday, Jan 18th, as it snowed a bit that morning. Autumn gave it 10 minutes outside before calling it enough. Or maybe, that was me. Doesn’t matter really…

Oh Hey Snow_05 Oh Hey Snow_06

Oh Hey Snow_07 Oh Hey Snow_08