Baby Jesus in a Bubble

Merry Christmas!!!!!


One of our Christmas traditions is to drive by this house. It’s in the next town over from us. It’s on a dead end but on the corner of a busy road so we spotted it one year while looking for lights and since then we go back and photograph it.

What’s the appeal? Baby Jesus in a Bubble!

When we first stumbled across this house the nativity set was the only thing being protected. The set up was minimal but it was no less grand being protected in a structure that was slapped together and looked horrible. Since then they have added to the lawn display and crafted a much finer plastic structure to protect Baby Jesus. We started calling that house ‘the Baby Jesus in a Bubble House’ to reference to the 1970’s made-for-TV movie starting John Travolta.

This tiny house has it all from lights in the tree to decorations on the porch roof to eight of these frosty’s.

But what… the hell??!?!? WHERE IS JESUS?!?!?!

Christmas just aint right this year!

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