Saturday Winter Cooking Extravaganza


yes the shelf is bowing a bit…

So I went back in time and became a 50’s house wife this weekend. I planned on cooking a lot this weekend but it got a bit crazy. Our freezer and fridge are packed. What started off as some meal planning became a double batch of chicken soup, marinara and meatballs, orange chicken, beef stew, pumpkin whoopie pies, and then making chinese food with my dad. Oh yeah, I snuck in cooking plantains in there.

Saturday was about sleeping in, get some Vietnamese food with Pricer, getting supplies for our models, food shopping and then “SuperFantasticSaturdayWinterCookingExtravaganza !!!” (per Emily). Our poor stove top, slow cooker, oven, and dishwasher got quite the workout this weekend.


All of this deliciousness is packed into our freezer and fridge. (confession…. we already have a turkey in our freezer but they had huge ones on some crazy sale for 47 cents a pound and I wasthisclose to getting one but did not know how I could justify (to price) 2 turkeys and no room) Price helped me along the way but it was still so sweet that he said ‘thanks for making dinner for the next month.’ ha! I really like when we cook together. 

Now I just hope we don’t lose power/fridge magically breaks or I am bringing all this into work and/or invading Emily’s fridge and freezer (you’ve been warned)

 Recipes to follow


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