You’re a Mess

On Friday night, Price and I went over our friend Jovan’s place for a Sangria party. He has been traveling across the country working on farms for this thesis. He was back briefly so he planned a party for people to catch up with him. It was great to see him and catch up. Plus enjoying some wine and sangria didn’t hurt. I got the typical flush. (Jovi is on the left in the first pic)


I woke on Saturday morning to 26 degree weather… perfect weather for a bike ride, right? The thing is that I hate the cold and I had not been on a bike since high school (like 7 years). So I figured the Yelp Elite sponsored tour through Urban Adventours would be interesting and a bit scary. Well the saying that riding a bike comes back to you is true, but it does not mean you are a pro. Yep, I fell at the very start. My foot slipped off the pedal so I spazed out, and then fell right over on my right side. Skills. I brushed off and did the rest of the ride with a sore ankle, knee, and palm but the extra pain was worth it because our 3 guides from Urban Adventours were amazing. Since I was scared of falling again and having the rest of the group run me over or fall because of me I stuck to the back so I spent the time talking to the end guide. They were so great and taught us a lot about the city. I’ve been here since Sept 2003 but still can learn so much! Like I walk by the birthplace of Benjamin Franklin every time I go to the Milk Street Post Office.



After the bike tour I met Price at the Great Masonic Lodge downtown. They were doing an open house and we heard it would be pretty cool to learn about it and get a tour. The different lodge rooms were unbelievable. We went into one and it was beautiful, the detail in the ceiling, trim, furniture- all stunning. Then off to a more stunning room. The craftsmanship was breathtaking. There was a ceiling that really left you in awe. I loved being there. Plus the tour guide said I asked good questions. Teacher’s Pet 🙂 After the tour we stuck aorund to watch this print maker. We saw his table before the tour but did not have a chance to check it out since I arrived just before a tour started. He was so cool telling us how printing making was used then, how to clean things clean, what the ink was made of, what the poweder did, etc. He even let Price use the press and take home the finished piece 🙂




Saturday afternoon became an extended lounge into nap time. Ahh can’t get enough of nap time. The title of this post is exactly what Price said to me after showing him my swollen right ankle. Plus then I started to get all flushed and had a slight fever which Price summed up casually with something like “Well, it’s probably ’cause you were rode a bike over 10 miles in below freezing temps.” Well, duh.

Sunday was Sunday… get the paper, coupons, cleaning, laundry, food shopping, angry rabbits, NASCAR was rained out. Just the day before Monday.


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