LOST “Party”

It took me a while to get in LOST. I admit that I did not get into the show for a bit. Price would watch it and I could not understand it. “So the hatch made the plane crash? And there is a polar bear? What is that smoke thing? Wait, they never explain it?” Finally I gave in and it became an addiction. We spent too many late nights watching it after Tuesday night classes.

Once we found out the date of the Series Finale we decided there needed to be a LOST Party. Well, not so much a party as having a few people over for dinner and to watch LOST. Either way it was a great way to relax with friends and watch LOST. I even made the 5 of us boarding passes for flight 815. This SITE had great Dharma logos and printables.

So last night we had Natalie, Jason, and their friend Ashley over. Ashley had never seen LOST, so I have a feeling we drove her crazy yelling at the TV. “RICHARD!!!” “LAPIDUS!!!!!!” “Ah I knew it would be Juliet!” But it was great to see her picking up on the story pretty well after watching the recap.

The best were the typical moments like

“So the island moves time and space?”

“Yep, when they turn the wheel.”


 I’m not sure what I think of the finale. I know I am going to watch it again this week. Plus I am going to watch the whole series in order at some point. Last night I was disappointed with it but not that I have thought about it I’m sorta please with the ending. I’m glad that they got reconnected in the end to move on. At least it did not end up with a kid shaking a snowglobe (St Elsewhere.).

Were you a fan of LOST? What did you think of the ending??



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