Surf, turf and a hint of cirrhosis

Last Saturday Emily and I went on a Cape Cod Adventure. It was my first time down there since I was a young kid. We ventured around the Dennis and Yarmouth area. We started with an amazing breakfast from a place called Grumpy’s. Then we went shopping and went to a Strawberry Festival. Funniest and cutiest thing ever… we showed up at the historical society, paid $5 for stawberry shortcake and a drink, and got to listen to a church choir sing sings from the 40’s and 50’s. We were the youngest ones there by about 30 years. Too Funny!

Last year we decided we had to get lobster from the source so Em and I drove up to Maine and got lobsters off a dock. While driving back through New Hampshire, we  stopped in a state liquor store. The endless aisles of boxed wine prompted us to buy some for a night of lobsters and cheap, bad boxed wine- always classy. We decided that Saurday night would be a repeat of last years adventures. Below is a photo break down of the evening.

Clean some muscles and clams. Start the night with some peach arbor mist. BUT it has to be served in a mason jar glass!

Cook muscles and clams with some white wine (not flavored!) and garlic. When you don’t have a lid, just put a platter on your large skillet to keep the heat in.

After the arbor mist we started going after other wine in the house. Bottle after bottle and this is what happens

Take out the opened muscles and clams. Throw in some spinach… helps fight off the cirrhosis!!

Enjoy! And when you don’t finish you put the extras outside for the raccoons and skunks. Picky bastards decided they did not want anyway. Stupid bandits like to eat the rabbit poo we throw out. go figure!

ahh see here… this is the boxed wine dance. Must celebrate the adult juice box.

And then Emily and I have Price cook the lobsters. I just can’t deal with them clanking around to fight their way out. Price cooked his steak in the rain. But he said it was really good steak!

I decided to practice doing my hair for halloween. I figure it will be so much better when it is longer and I’m not boozing. Jack was eatting the coffee table so Emily decided his punshiment would be kisses, and hers would be a possible allergy attack.

Much to our surprise we woke up in the morning with no hangovers. That would have been awful… so much sugar! So our lobster, steak, and boxed wine evening went off without a hitch! Ohh I can’t wait for next year!!


*I am not trash talking boxed wine. There are plenty of good boxed wines out there. In fact a lot of wine makers are going the boxed wine route because it is more eco-friendly. We just make it our mission to buy the worse boxed wine 🙂


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