So Very Happy- LO

In just a few short hours Pricer and I are leaving Boston to head up to Maine. We are going to a teeny tiny town called… ready… SUNSHINE!!! No Joke. Guess what the main road through there is? SUNSHINE ROAD! I’m absolutely giddy about our long weekend there. We are getting to hang out with Price’s family, which means getting to see the little guy who is the star of this layout. These pictures of Addison, one of Pricer’s nephews, are about 2 years old now. Can’t beleive how fast times flies!! And how slow I am at scrapbooking. Ouch!

While Price and I were camping in NH 2 summers ago we met up with his family. I love how Addison is just so happy. He was so proud of himself for crawling on the rock. I love the picture of him nuzzling up to Chase. Totally love for his Dad.


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