Sticky with Champagne (at The Urban Grape)

This past Sunday night, I went to a Champagne, Port and Oyster Tasting at The Urban Grape. They hosted the event for 100 customers. I was so excited to RSVP in time for this fun event.

  • NV Gaston Chiquet Blanc de Blancs D’Ay, Grand Cru
  • NV Guy Larmandier Blanc de Blancs, Grand Cru
  • NV Pierre Gimonnet & Fils Blanc de Blancs, 1er Cru
  • NV Marc Hebrart “Cuvee de Reserve,” 1er Cru
  • NV H. Goutorbe Rose, Grand Cru
  • NV Louis Roederer “Carte Blanche” Extra-Dry
  • Warre’s “Otima” 10 Year Tawny Port
  • Warre’s 2000 Late Bottle Vintage Port

I enjoyed the tasting and hearing about each champagne from owner, TJ Douglas. Of course I loved the pricest champagne ($66)… I have expensive taste like that. But really, if you are going to have champagne get something good and that you enjoy… Korbel is not Champagne, nuff said.

There was an Oyster Bar from Neptune Oyster, located in the North End of Boston. I’m not a fan of oysters, so that just ment there were more to go around to the people who love them.

The Urban Grape is a wine store located in Chestnut Hill, MA that approached wine in a creative way, by taste. They organize their wines by flavor and body, instead of region. This helps people expand their pallets and find new wines by finding a starting point they like. I like this system much more than other stores because a Chardonnay is not just Chardonnay, there can be light ones or ones that have a bit more bite, so this helps you pick a wine that you are more likely going to enjoy. Wine can be intimidating but they make the process of getting something new easily. Love them for it.

The Urban Grape
7 Boylston Street
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467



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