Since we’re getting the new place set up and I am too busy to post anything about cooking or scrapbooking,  I leave you with these photos of a movie shoot for “Here Comes the Boom” I saw on 5.13 at Faneuil Hall.

Gotta get that make up touched up!

oo it’s Henry Winkler (aka The Fonz!!) and Salma Hayek!

And that is Kevin James. He looked so tan!

Hi Salma!!!!!

Kevin, Salma, and Henry getting some direction before the ‘Lights Camera Action!’ (really, they don’t say it like that)

Charice has now joined them for the shooting

They are celebrating something in this scene

In the crowd, I was standing next to a few girls talking about this being ‘the Mark Walberg movie’. They were refering to Ted. I listened for a bit as they talked about Mark and Mila shooting and blah blah blah. But enough was enough and I had to point out that standing right in front of them was Salma and not Mila. Sorry but if you don’t know the difference than you can’t text your friends that Mila is looking good. Dumb.

This is the second movie I have seen shooting this spring while on my lunch break. It’s so much fun to watch it.


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