Happy Easter

Happy Easter 2014-1


Happy Easter 2014-2

Happy Easter 2014-3

I tried to get Bunny in the pictures but she was feeling camera shy so just Jack was featured with Autumn. Maybe another time.

Happy Easter 2014-4 Happy Easter 2014-5

Wants to eat the bunny!!!!

Happy Easter 2014-6

Autumn enjoyed her first time meeting Jack. But maybe she enjoyed eating her tights just as much… ha!


6.1-3: Weekend Recap

this tweet sums up the weekend…

stayed at work late | mcdonald’s |  rabbits were up early | bunny cuddle & lots of instagram pics | stayed in bed until 10am | breakfast sandwiches | haymarket | home depot | start to install shelves | price goes back to home depot | cleaning  & unpacking | install shelves | price goes to home depot again | quick pasta dinner | I go to home depot | stay up late unpacking boxes in the basement & organizing the shelving system | ‘kissing jessica stein’ | get up early-ish | make breakfast | price went into work 10-5 | unpack the basement, move things around, sort things to floors/rooms, drink too much coffee | neighbors try to give me a rabbit | NASCAR| pick price up from work | last home depot trip | make dinner- salad & left overs | price hangs up last shelving pieces | reorganize basement & boxes | ‘no strings attached’ | mad men & popcorn| lemoncello | celtics




2.3-5: weekend recap

Home sick from a cold work | napped several hours in the afternoon | pizza for dinner because Price was at poker | sleep in on Sat morning | Price went into work, I drove into Boston to go to the Burrito Bowl with Emily | went to work to do my timesheet | stopped off at The Urban Grape for gluten free beer, cider for me & beer for Price | grocery shopping at Star Market | rest back home | trip to Whole Foods for chicken | made stuffed chicken breasts for dinner | we watched 2 episodes of True Blood | bed early | Price made French Toast for breakfast | I went to a cheese making class at BCAE while Price went into work | ran into work to do my time sheet | back home to get the car | stop at the grocery store for brownie supplies | made oreo brownies | went to our friends house to watch the Giants beat the Pats!!!!!!!!!!





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Mr Mellow Yellow

Our rabbit Jack has been ‘off’ lately. Not sure what is going on but he has been pretty blah. We have checked him over and don’t see anything physically wrong with him but it still has us worried at times when he just lays out and is mopey.

So we gave him extra attention tonight and I snapped a few photos in the process.

Maybe he has seasonal affective disorder.

*Mellow Yellow= sad, depressed. No reference to the song. Price and I basically have our own language. Pay no attention.