Happy Birthday Dad


8.19-21: Weekend Recap

The weekend was focused on getting back home to be able to celebrate the “august birthdays”. It was a fun weekend. Busy, relaxing, loud, enjoyable, and hilarious. The boys constantly remind me how funny they are.

“Look I got a $20!”

“Well I got 2 $10’s! That’s better! Two of them!”

Friday Night-

On the T, I got my highest Yahtzee score!!! 353

Since Price was gone in ABQ I made one of my favorite quick dinners… a transformed, adapted, evolved version of these Garlic Noodles

made Nutella brownies and quinoa salad

Sorted laundry

finished a blog post

worked on layout sketches for a new HRN website


Woke up really early to do 2 loads of laundry before leaving for CT

On my way to Greenwich, I stopped at Rawley’s Drive Thru to use a Groupon. Had the most amazing milkshake.

Picked up a triple chocolate cake at DiMare’s, also using a groupon

Afternoon on the boat with Kris, Micheal, Keagan, Grey, Cole, Barbara, Richie, and Dad.

Took a ton of photos of the boys jumping in the water.


Back at GBYC we had dinner


Took a ton of photos of Cara

Back home with mom

Crashed around 10pm… on a Saturday! For shame! ha


Cobi woke me up early

Read more Bossy Pants

Breakfast at the Port Chester Diner with mom

Back on the road

Stop at Micheals for glue

Worked on papier mache for the Fashion Show while watching Bride and Prejudice

Made a Tomato Salad for dinner using mom’s garden tomatoes

Finished album for a gift

Finished another scrapbooking layout and planned 2 more

I do a weekly weekend recap to track what I accomplished over a weekend. I started because of a Monday morning radio segment called “How Martha Are You?”. During Morning Living on Martha Radio, the hosts hold a little contest to see just how ‘Martha’ You were. 


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