I have a severe case of wanderlust.

We just had a fantastic day in Charlotte. Lots of NASCAR, went to the Big G office here, had an amazing BBQ dinner, and had a little dip in the hot tub. We’re we lounge in our hotel room eating popcorn and watching Ghostbusters. Nothing entirely special at this moment but we are enjoying just getting the chance to relax… no laundry, no dishes, nothing distracing us from doing nothing.

So at this moment I’m already dreaming of the nextr trips planned.

SLC, Provo – October, 2011

Greece – March, 2012

I can’t wait for either of those trips. I know that both will be fantastic in each of their own ways. The thought of them makes me think of all the other fun places that we can go together. I love thinking about fun trips that we could go to. Here are a few places that we are thinking about at this point.


Austin, Texas


Napa Valley



Where do you suggest we go to? Where do you want to go to?


8 thoughts on “wanderlust

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