Boston Brunchers 1 Year Birthday Bash at ICOB

Having the opportunity to attend the Boston Brunchers 1 year Birthday Brunch was a little dream come true. Getting to eat an amazing brunch with new bruncher friends I have met over the year while celebrating the success of the group that the very talented Renee (Eat.Live.Blog) started… Sign me up! I can’t lie… I really did set an alarm so that I could grab one of the 20 tickets released at first. I ran over to the computer to get to sign up while Pricer was looking at me like I was crazy. “but it’s the birthday brunch!!!!”

This brunch at Island Creek Oyster Bar live up to the hype. Great company, -amazing food, and a fun filled swag bag.

I was so tempted to only post the above photo because I could have written an entire blog post just about that lobster roll. When Renee released the menu options prior to the event I was really excited because everything sounded amazing. I don’t even like smoked salmon but the dish including the homemade bagels even intrigued me. But the obvious choice for me was the Lobster Roll ($19). I’m glad that I made that choice! The lobster roll was so jam packed that I needed to eat some of the lobster out with a fork before I could attempt to pick it up. The sweet lobster meat was lightly dressed and served on a buttery, toasted rosemary roll. As you can see, the lobster roll was served with a side of creamy coleslaw and super crunchy potato chips.

As a thank you to Renee for all the hard work she puts into the group, Katy (RecipeCan) organized donations to get some gifts. Renee quickly put on the apron while continuing to open the rest of the goodies, including some mini Le Creuset pots

The photo on the right shows what food bloggers do at every chance… Snap photos. Even Tom (BostonTweet) had to snap some pics.

Each table was greeted with a basket of pastries ($11) that included some scones, cinnamon rolls, and muffins. I selected the donut muffin, which reminded me of the ones I’ve made before.

My runner up choice for entree was the French Toast, which Sean (BostonMo) picked. The generous serving looked decadent with its large slices of bread that were soaked in a sweet egg mixture and the topped with caramelized bananas and crunchy almonds.

While I have really enjoyed the various brunches I have attended, this brunch at ICOB stands out for it’s fabulous food, attentive service, and heat packing Bloody Mary. Pricer and I have been on the search for the best Bloody Mary in Boston ever since we took a trip to NOLA and had incredible ones at The Absinthe House. While the Bloody Mary I had was very different than those infamous ones in NOLA, I can say this was one of the best I have ever had. I know I need to come back with Price so he can try the ICOB Bloody Mary’s an weigh in.

A HUGE thank you to Renee, Island Creek Oyster Bar, and all out of fantastic sponsors:

America’s Test Kitchen
Barefoot Wine
Biltmore Bar & Grill
Boston Ballet
Boston Center for Adult Education
Boston Food Finds
Cow and Crumb
Cumberland Farms
Dorado Tacos & Cemitas
Dore Creperie
Doves and Figs Kitchen
Eversave Boston
Foodies of New England
The Four Seasons Boston
Harvard Common Press
KO Catering & Pies
Langham Hotel Boston
Phillips Candy House
Pretzel Crisps
Stages of Beauty
USA Pears


10 thoughts on “Boston Brunchers 1 Year Birthday Bash at ICOB

  1. odelleasmith says:

    Pastry basket is a nice touch, yes, I would like that…
    My favorite would have to be the lobster roll, I would love to make & eat some of that, it’s perfect!
    I’ve got a whole lobster in the freezer that I intended to add to a ‘Seafood Vol-u-vent’ that I usually make with all butter puff pastry as a starter for Christmas with my own rich, much loved seafood sauce, may have to re-think my starter for this Christmas, or perhaps adapt my recipe for New Years Eve guests, as it may be a little too much prior to a big Christmas Meal.
    We shall see, it’s rather late to start testing out new & different starters when there’s lots to be done in preparing Christmas Lunch for the family coming…
    How I wish that I had saw this post earlier, never mind, it’s given me ‘food for thought’, pardon the pun!
    Regards, thanks for a great post as always, wishing you & yours Seasons Greetings…
    Odelle Smith. (U.K.)


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