Complete Chaos

So movers came on Wednesday…




The 2 guys form BCB Movers were fantastic and moved the crap out of our stuff. They were so nice and efficient. They even tried to get the box spring up stairs by taking the front door off but still no-go. ugh!

And now we are living in complete chaos…





All of this mess could be why we ate popcorn for dinner last night. Or maybe why  I was distracted this morning taking pictures and didn’t know my camera was on manual and they all are a blurry mess.

We still have a few trips left to do to get some stuff at the apartment but we have it all planned out and will turn over the keys on Sunday morning. And then we will take the best nap ever.

Real life and blogging will return next week. Maybe by then I will find the skirt I was attempting to wear today.


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About iamahoneybee

Mom to Autumn and Hunter, Wife to Price. Rabbit and Boston Terrier owner. Former Bostonian soaking up the Florida Sun. Home cook messing around with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. You'll find me most often with my phone in hand wearing my uniform of a Tunic with leggings rocking some Sperry's. A bit of prep mixed with bourbon and a foul mouth.
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2 Responses to Complete Chaos

  1. bostonrookie says:

    Awww, it will get better soon!


  2. Moving is a good excuse to get food delivered 😛


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