8 years

today was pretty awesome.

we celebrated our 8 yrs today with a pretty chill day off. some sleeping in. bunny and jack cuddling and hopping around on our bed. english muffins for breakfast. i had some dental work done. we had a nice lunch out. some errands and then some napping. price let me sleep longer while he cleaned up the kitchen. he’s the best.

i can’t believe that we just celebrated year #8. it’s crazy how fast time flies. with the new year we just discussed everything we had accomplished in 2012… giants superbowl parade, buy a house, guys weekend in vegas, cruise, long weekend in maine, plenty of advenures in boston and new england, trip to austin, nascar race, 30th birthday trip to chicago, thanksgiving in az… and that’s just a few of the tons of things we did. the things we ave done in the 8 years together is incredible.

i am so proud of everything we have accomplished these past 8 years. we have been on so many adventures together that i can’t wait to see what we have planned- and unplanned- in the upcoming years.


pic from new years


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