Monday Munchies: Filiberto’s Mexican Food- AZ, CA, NM

As part of my Monday Munchies series, I will feature a different eatery for a review on the first and third Monday of every month. Hope you enjoy!



When Price and I were visiting his dad in Arizona for Thanksgiving we went out of lunch one day at one of the local Mexican places nearby. It was not the kind of place I would typically gravitate to but I’m glad we went. I just never think of places in strip malls. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a part of CT that didn’t have them & now I’m in a city, which also doesn’t have them. But I’m glad I didn’t something that I would not normally do since we had a great lunch (plus leftovers) from Filiberto’s.

filibertos_decor filibertos_menu

Once we went in I knew I would love this place. I love casual Mexican places, since they often don’t care too much about the decor and flare, but focus on making great food. Besides that, places with picture menus have a special place in my heart. Like greasy, comforting Chinese food places that you can say I’ll have a #10 with an egg roll… this is exactly like that.


I ordered a #7- Tostada and Taco Plate ($6.39). When it was ready I was shocked at how generous the portion was, esp for the price! The side of the rice and refried beans was so large, and those were just the sides. The tostada was really simple with beans and cheese and topped with lettuce but was really good with some added vegetables. The beef taco was really good but not like I had ever had before. It seemed that they assembled a soft taco with a spicy, cooked ground beef and cheese prior to frying the whole thing crispy. I could be completely wrong about that but in all it all was super crunchy. I typically don’t like chunky tacos but this was so different and really good.

I also had the Horchata as well which was really good. I’ve been to places where it is sooo thin but this was the perfect consistency and flavor.

Filiberto's_Chimichanga Plate Filiberto's_Two Chili Rellenos

Tom had the #17- Two Chili Rellenos Plate ($7.09) and Price had the #13- Chimichanga Plate ($7.09). Both were large portions of food as well, enough for 2 people to share each one, which is why we had leftovers. I commented to Price how I prefer a chunky guac so it was good that I didn’t get a side, plus I already had a ton of food. He said that it was really good and that it, along with the sour cream, were really good toppings for the chimichanga. I’ll take his word on it since he really enjoyed his meal.

filibertos_salsa bar Filiberto's_salsas

We sat down to eat so we enjoyed the salsa and condiment station. I love places that have salsa bars since I love great salsa. There were 3 spice levels to the salsas so they could satisfy any palate. These went well with the complimentary chips that were available at the counter. As well, there were pickled veggies and peppers and onions. I really liked the pickled carrots, which was the first time having them.

This just proves it’s often a great idea to take a chance on something you would not normally do. Go visit a new place and I bet things will surprise you. Filiberto’s proves why


40975 N Ironwood Dr
Queen Creek, AZ 85140

As well as locations around AZ, NM, and CA. Check ’em out!


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