2.15-18: President’s Day Long Weekend Recap

{Friday Night} went home together with Kemper from work | Chinese food leftovers | pie with whipped cream | bed

{Saturday} made sauteed kale, mushrooms with poached eggs | snowing | haymarket | Whole Foods | liquor store | Stop and Shop | make stew and cheddar thyme scones for dinner | bed

{Sunday} eggs florentine & coffee | watch Sunday Morning & SNL | scrapbooking and Project Life work | stew leftovers for lunch | watched 5 Year Engagment and Easy A | Osaka for Date Night dinner | fell alseep on sofa | bed

{Monday} I got up early with Kemper | Price made coffee| made hashbowns with eggwhites and mushrooms | we cleaned the rabbits’ cage | Market Basket trip | make trail mix | 5 loads of laundry | make matzo barks | clean up kitchen | make bang bang shrimp | Kemper threw up | vacummed |  HIMYM | bath | bed

kemper asleep in my coat together

whipped cream

kemper asleep face plant kemper cuddles

eggs with kale

 grocery shopping guiness beef stew

 kemper stretch sleeping

eggs florentine

date night at Osaka

Price and Kemper_01 Price and Kemper_02


matzo barkskemper asleep

 stamped cross stitch pillow


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