4.5-7: Weekend Recap

{Saturday} up early | pizza for breakfast | pack up the car | post office | go to Greenwich | introduce the dogs | they play for hours | lunch | hang out & discuss move | more dog play time | Chinese take out from Panda Pavilion 3 | watch end of Louisville game & watch ‘Cuse game | bed

{Sunday}  sleep in (6.30… ha!) | get ready | Kneaded Bread for breakfast pastries |  pack up the car | Garden Catering take out | meet Dad at OGCV | eat lunch | head back home | unpack car | NASCAR race | leftover slice of pizza | Kemper is exhausted & cuddly | SNL | yogurt | bath | med men | bed

Khelsea Pizza

Jack eating a banana rabbits eat banana

Kemper and Cobi_01 Kemper and Cobi_02

Kemper and Cobi_03

price and kemper

sleeping kemper_01 sleeping kemper_02

bunny cookie


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