5.31-6.2: Weekend Recap

{Friday} Price went to work early | cereal for breakfast | watch news and get ready | pick up Price | meet with DR & have test done | back home | mac and cheese | lounge around watching TV and movies and nap | make dip | make Kemper food | Price home late | eat dinner | more lounging around | bed

{Saturday} finish making Kemper a big batch of food | Price cleaned rabbits | set up AC for rabbits | breakfast | get ready | pack up the car | drive to Greenwich | go to the boat | Price helps dad with boat stuff | lunch | hang around | get dinner at Greenwich Prime Meats | feed Kemper | dinner at Kris’s | back to the boat | bed

{Sunday} up early with the pup | back to bed while Price took Kemper on a walk | get up, get ready, clean up the boat | go to Kris’ for breakfast | pick up Kemper at the boat | drive home | Sonic Happy Hour | drop Price off at work | unpack car & make sauce | pick up Emily & give her her spare key | pick up Price | gas | home | dinner | watch DVR’s NASCAR race | lounge around | bed


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