Last night there was a fierce storm that passed though Boston right as I was about to leave for home. From a hot sticky afternoon to a chilly wet evening in just about an instant! At least I didn’t have to water the plants. 🙂 Well, after a bit of a delay I headed to meet Pricer and continue on our way home. I got to work on making dinner and he took the dog out. I soon got beckoned outside to see this…

double rainbow_01


I went to tell my neighbor about it but was having a little bit of a hard time explaining what I was insisting she come outside to see since I couldn’t remember what rainbow is in Spanish. Note to future self: it’s Arco Iris!

double rainbow_02 double rainbow_03

double rainbow_04

Loved how bright it was. Just something magical about it.

PS-Thank you everyone for the well wishes related to our little news on Sunday. Oh baby!


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