7.4-7: Fourth of July Long Weekend Recap

{Thursday} THE FOURTH OF JULY!!!! | get up early | McDonald’s | on the road by 6.30am | arrive in Skaneateles at 12.15 | Price & Tom got take out lunch from Doug’s Fish Fry | lounging around, sitting outside, and cleaning up around the house | naps | grilled hot dogs for dinner | watch the NYC fireworks | drive downtown to see the flares on the lake… so many bugs! | bed

{Friday} Price and Tom went to Cam’s Diner and Walmart | I slept in and then walked with Kemper to Skaneateles Bakery | go to Top’s Grocery Store & CVS | Price did house clean up & moved furniture around | play and lounge around with the dog outside | drive around Skaneateles Lake & go to The Glen Haven for lunch | relax outside | grilled hot dogs for dinner | bed super early… 8.15pm!

{Saturday} get up early | breakfast at Hilltop Diner | Walmart for sunscreen | watch Food Network shows | play outside with Kemper | lunch take out from Doug’s | went to Chase and Heather’s to use internet | cleaned out the car and washed it | naps | watch NASCAR race | bed

{Sunday} up early | breakfast at Cam’s Diner | back to the house and pack up the car | stop by Jim’s house | on the road by 9.30 | back home by 3.30 | lounge around and unwind | Price unpacked the car | Price had a hot dog and I ate cereal for dinner | bed


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