9.13-15: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night} price went home early | stayed late at work | home | left over pizza for dinner | watch Casablanca | fire trucks next door | bed

{Saturday} up early | work on wigs | drop Kemper off at Banfield (vet) at 8.30 | Union Square Donuts | Neighborhood Restaurant for breakfast | Shopping at Target, Michael’s,  Babies R Us | pick up Kemper at vet | home | work on wigs | Argo | watch Albama & Texas A&M game | grocery shopping | tortellini and spinach soup | triple D | bed

{Sunday} up early | make corn muffins for breakfast | Price did yard work- plant rose bush, dig up yard, plant grass seed in backyard | make blog recipes | make lunch – mac & cheese and kielbasa | showers | drop Price off at work at 2.30 | bring Kemper to work for fashion show meeting | home at 8.30 | work on project life | pick Price up from work | bed

 fire trucks kemper watching fire trucks

grape vines somerville ma eggs benny

neighborhood restaurant breakfast

some 'ting nice

stork parking

tortelini and spinach soup

corn muffins price in yard

kemper running around the office kemper snarls face

kemper tired at work

kemper sleeping


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