31 Weeks- Bump Update

I’ll do a weekly bump update so I can look back and see how things progress and what was happening at various points along the way.

31 weeks

I’ve been sick this week. It totally stinks. It’s just a cold but I’m used to knocking out a cold in a few days by just drugging myself with DayQuil and NyQuil. So this is a big change for me. I mean, not taking 3x of a dose and knocking yourself out is a big change for me. But at least I’m sounding and feeling better so I’ll just ride this out with normal doses of medicine.

I worked on the IIDA fashion show for the past 2 years so I was not going to let the growing belly hold me back this year. For the past few months our team has worked hard on developing our theme and ultimately constructing the 4 costumes in the show. I’ve been working on making wigs for the show, which has been a lot of fun and work. Anyway, it’s CRUNCH TIME since the show is on Thursday. I can’t wait!!

Once the fashion show crunch is over Price and I will dive into the work involved for getting the nursery ready. So the goal is to get to work this weekend moving things around to get the rabbits settled in their new home in our basement den and then hopefully painting the room once it has been super cleaned out. Fingers crossed!

31 weeks_01 31 weeks_02

31 Week Bump Update

Current Due Date: 12/1/13- BUT I’m scheduled for my C-section on 11/25! Thanksgiving in the hospital!

Weight Gain: 8- 8.5 ish lbs & the baby was estimated at 3lbs 1oz on tuesday (9/24) so not so bad there 🙂

Stretch Marks: none 🙂

Belly Button: still no change! But removal of my belly button ring seems like it’s fast approaching

Clothing: still a big mix of stuff… maternity pants and regular pants with a belly band with maternity and regular tops. 

Cravings/Aversions: nothing that I’m dying to have but I keep thinking about pepperoni pizza from Prince’s Pizzeria in Saugus. The pepperoni gets soooo crispy. noms.

Sleep: stopped taking unisom again since I felt like I didn’t need it but I’d like to stop waking up in the middle of the night to pee. (Doubt that will stop tho!!)

Mood: feeling pretty good but then I get really stress out about the unknown

Movement: not feeling the jabs, kicks as much as I did before but The Bean has been Frank Breech for the past few weeks so I think that could be why. I think being folding in half might have something to do with it.

Milestones: picked out the first name if it’s a boy. still have to select the middle name from the options we have. Still narrowing down options if it’s a girl. We’re down to 3 first names, and again more combos for the middle names.

What I miss: sleeping on my stomach and not sleeping with a body pillow so I stay on my left side.

What I am looking forward to: going on a walk to the beach this week with the dog. He is allowed there again starting October 1st so we’ll change up our walks and go there.

Comparable Fruit/Veggie Size: Pineapple (Average size: 15.2 – 16.7 inches head to toe, 2.5 – 3.8 lbs) via The Bump


3 thoughts on “31 Weeks- Bump Update

  1. Kita (@passthesushi) says:

    Wont lie – comparing Bean in size to a pinapple totally freaked me out for a second. >< You do look really adorable. Im sorry your sick, glad that tween gave you his seat on the bus, and looking forward to Kemperdog pics on the beech~


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