A Puppy Playdate

Finley Head Tilt

This is Fin.

He is so freaking adorable.

I’ve been in touch with Fin’s mom on Facebook for months and months. We always thought that he and Kemper were brothers but we figured out on Sunday they are actually cousins or something. They are from the same breeder but just different litters at basically the same exact time.

Fin and Kemper_2

Kemper and Fin had a little puppy play date on Sunday morning at Revere Beach to meet and run around.

 Fin and Kemper_1

Almost the same pose with their legs, but Fin has the head tilt down but Kemper doesn’t do that at all.

 Fin and Kemper_4 Fin and Kemper_3 Fin and Kemper_5 Fin and Kemper_6

They ran around in the sand getting filthy and gross, esp since Kemper ran into the water a bit. They would get all mouthy and tangled up but had a blast playing and running around.

Kemper is very vocal the time (alerts you to play, needs food, wants a drink, is happy/sad/confused/etc) but Fin isn’t but he started to pick up on it and started to grunt back to Kemper. However, they both are great at ripping up their toys to shreds. We learned that Fin is just as bad as Kemper about eating the stuffing from toys (which is why we now buy Stuffingless Dog Toys) and ripping their squeakers out.

 Kemper and Finley

They ran all over the tops of the picnic tables in the pavillion and on the stone wall.

kemper tired

Kemper was sooo tired after playing around with Fin that he slept on the very short ride home and then most of the day. Perfect lazy, rainy Sunday.

We need to get them together again this fall for some more playing since they had so much fun and they were just adorable together.


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