A Puppy Playdate

Finley Head Tilt

This is Fin.

He is so freaking adorable.

I’ve been in touch with Fin’s mom on Facebook for months and months. We always thought that he and Kemper were brothers but we figured out on Sunday they are actually cousins or something. They are from the same breeder but just different litters at basically the same exact time.

Fin and Kemper_2

Kemper and Fin had a little puppy play date on Sunday morning at Revere Beach to meet and run around.

 Fin and Kemper_1

Almost the same pose with their legs, but Fin has the head tilt down but Kemper doesn’t do that at all.

 Fin and Kemper_4 Fin and Kemper_3 Fin and Kemper_5 Fin and Kemper_6

They ran around in the sand getting filthy and gross, esp since Kemper ran into the water a bit. They would get all mouthy and tangled up but had a blast playing and running around.

Kemper is very vocal the time (alerts you to play, needs food, wants a drink, is happy/sad/confused/etc) but Fin isn’t but he started to pick up on it and started to grunt back to Kemper. However, they both are great at ripping up their toys to shreds. We learned that Fin is just as bad as Kemper about eating the stuffing from toys (which is why we now buy Stuffingless Dog Toys) and ripping their squeakers out.

 Kemper and Finley

They ran all over the tops of the picnic tables in the pavillion and on the stone wall.

kemper tired

Kemper was sooo tired after playing around with Fin that he slept on the very short ride home and then most of the day. Perfect lazy, rainy Sunday.

We need to get them together again this fall for some more playing since they had so much fun and they were just adorable together.


Puppy Time!!!!!

boston terrier puppies_06   Price and I have been talking about getting a dog for a while. Most of the conversations have been big picture convos like ‘oh wouldn’t it be fun to have a dog bring on this hike?!?’ or ‘look at this puppy! we should get one soon.’ Things started to get more real once we bought our house since we would not have to worry about a puppy in a 1-bedroom rental with lots of attached neighbors above and below.

boston terrier puppies_01

boston terrier puppies_08

So things really started to come together within the last 2 months as we narrowed down breeds that we liked. We really wanted to get a French Bulldog but their 2K+ price tag was not going to allow that. In the end we decided on getting a Boston Terrier because of their size, temperament, grooming needs, and their overall adorableness. I found a reputable local breeder that had puppies born on December 10th, meaning the puppies would be available to take home in February… SQUEEE!!!

boston terrier puppies_04

Well, we went to meet the 3 week old puppies yesterday. O.M.G!!! So cute. We got to see all 9 Boston Terrier puppies, as well as some pug and french bulldog puppies. The big mama had 6 females and 3 males so we had plenty of pups to snuggle with.

boston terrier puppies_02

boston terrier puppies_03 boston terrier puppies_05

In the end we put a deposit down for a male. We were the first ones there so we have first pick of which male to take home. We have the opportunity to come hang with them again before we take one home so we’ll have to see how their personalities develop. Plus it will be fun to see them grow over time. I just can’t wait!!!!

boston terrier puppies_07

The best is that when we came home our clothes still had that great puppy smell to them. I am a total sucker for that.

boston terrier puppies_09

More cute updates to come!!

11.9-11: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night} nails done | home | pilgrim sandwiches with Pricer | put away clothes, pack up clothes in bins, & start to pack for Phoenix trip | Price did laundry | bed

{Saturday} up at 5.30 | shower | send emails | pack up | drive to Greenwich | home at 10am | catch up with mom | food network & cat nap | go to the movies to see Flight | feed dogs & get changed | Whole Foods & get wine | potluck party- lots of wine, lots of laughter, great food | watch SVU | bed

{Sunday} Cobi woke me up for attention | finally up at 9 | pack up the car | Nanny gave me copper pots | go to Kris’ to catch up | leave Greenwich at 12.25 | Shake Shack | keep on drivin’ with NPR| home at 4 | relax | football & NASCAR | Price had cigar I got him | Chinese food delivery | Price cleaned the rabbits’ cage | bake | blog | bed




10.25-29: HurricaneSandy Weekend Recap

{Thursday night} FASHION SHOW!!! | dance dance dance | cab home

{Friday} heart attack waking up at 1.50pm & messing up the day | go through photos from fashion show | tortellini | Price home | shower | go to Mark and Allie’s to hang out with everyone |

{Saturday} sleep in| haymarket for oranges | Mark & Allie’s house | fresh squeeze oj | breakfast: mimoas, muffins, eggs, baocon, sausage | T ride | guys went to BC game |kids play at the park | T ride back  | lunch for the kids| nap with Kenzi | guys come home | sushi dinner from Fugakyu | kids paint pumpkins  then go to bed | go home & go to bed

{Sunday} sleep in | grocery shopping | breakfast | Grimm | fight | baking and cleaning while Price works on portfolio | dvr’d NASCAR race | got ‘no work’ email | make drinks & watch Hurriance Sandy coverage | bed

{Monday} no work | breakfast | Hurriance Sandy coverage | bake cookies | shower | power out at 3.20 | 2 hour nap | walk around | go for a drive to see any damage (not much!) | KFC | lounge around with drinks | bed







10.4-7: weekend recap

{Thursday night} bus ride home | pick tomatoes from our garden | pack an over night bag | leave for Greenwich | lots of rain then traffic| last 10 miles take extra 50 mins | chat with mom | bed

{Friday} chat with mom | get ready | Kris picks me up | McDonald’s | 9.05 wait in line for Vineyard Vines sample sale | shopping | chat with Kris | 1.18pm leave for MA | Shake Shake for late lunch | traffic and lots of accidents | gas | traffic and lots of accidents| took 5hrs 45 mins to get home door to door | talk with dad | wine | pasta with fresh garden tomato sauce | TV | bed

{Saturday} take videos of the rabbits | made egg whites with tomatoes and alouette cheese and english muffins | TV time | drop off Pricer, pick up Emily | lunch at Mi Salvador & Mexicano | laundry | watch The Newsroom | me: work on wigs, em: knit | price came home | drop off Emily | pouring down rain | lean cuisine | relax & watch DRV’d Food Network Shows | bed

{Sunday} pancakes for breakfast | Price did the dishes | watch SNL | cut coupons | Water For Elephants | Price went to Kurland’s | work on wigs | apple & peanut butter for lunch | watch NASCAR & Giant’s game | do my nails | Price back | make pasta for dinner | bath | blogging | wine | meal planning | bed