A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Kemper at Sunrise

This is my current favorite picture. We took it about 2 weeks ago at sunrise-ish while we were walking Kemper on the beach.

Had a Petty Melt yesterday for lunch (well half of one yesterday and leftovers today) and it might be my new current favorite food.

The ham and cheese squares from Starbucks might just be my new favorite food. Oh, and Patty Melts too. Can’t forget about those.

I have no real desire to blog right now. I’m at a real loss without our desktop computer which died on the 6th and took with it EVERYTHING- all my files, all my pictures- personal and blog. I feel like crying at any moment when I think about it. Hoping something can be figured out and they can be recovered.

I want to make these Oreo Brownies ASAP. And eat them all when I think about the thousands upon thousands of photos I’ve lost (see above).

I’m slipping back into zombie mode. I’m still not as bad as I was early on in the pregnancy when I would get home, absent mindedly eat dinner, and stumble into bed but I’m getting close to that some nights.

We are hardcore attacking The Bean’s room this weekend so we can get on to clearing it out and on to painting it next weekend. But of course, this is all around my weekend napping schedule.

38 more days until the baby arrives!


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